Commissioners received another update on clean up at IPS

Director of Facilities Management, Dan Ingalls, appeared before the Board to request that bids be sought for the demo and replacement of the concrete parking lot at Augusta Public Safety Building.
In 2015, the parking lot at the Augusta Public Safety Building started to show signs of aggregate displacement at the concrete joints. Aggregate displacement is what happens when salt and or other corrosive materials gets in the cracks or joints of concrete and starts to break down the concrete. This deterioration of the parking lot will continue. Epoxy was used in an attempt to stop the process but it had zero results. The request was approved.
Darryl Lutz, Director of Public Works, presented a request for final action on the right-of-way acquisition of Little Walnut River Bridge on SE Chelsea (Cole Creek) Road. The Little Walnut River Bridge Project has 4 tracts of permanent right-of-way and 1 tract of temporary easement. In order to alleviate a concern of the property owner about trespassing, a portion of the proposed right-of-way for channel improvements has been changed to permanent drainage easement. A permanent drainage easement will allow the County to have access for long term maintenance, but, does not allow for public access. Additionally, the County will build a new fence to replace the existing fence. The purchase and dedication request was approved.
Mr. Riley from Integrated Plastics Solutions (IPS) appeared before the Board to give an update on the cleanup progress at the property. “We are processing ... materials, hauling materials out.” Riley stated. He informed the Commissioners that they have taken four trips to the landfill and have 7 rolloffs loaded to go. He will be back on April 16th give share another update.
Other items of business discussed was the resignation of Rosalia Township Treasurer, David Johnson. The Rosalia Board recommended Matt Dragoo as the replacement. His appointment was approved by the Board of Butler County Commissioners.
The next meeting will be held at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, April 09, 2019 at the Butler County Courthouse, 205 W. Central Ave., on the 4th Floor. It is open to the public.