IPS receives more time and reduction in fees

Brian Riley of Integrated Plastics Solutions (IPS) appeared before the Board to provide an update on the progress IPS has made toward cleaning up the property located at 424 Industrial Road in El Dorado, and ask for a decrease in the landfill fees to help him with the costs of cleaning up. He estimates having approximately 2.5 million pounds that will end up in the landfill. Mr. Riley requested the fee be reduced to $1/ton, which would only cover the state imposed tipping fee of $1/ton and not cover any of the costs incurred by Butler County.
The Board had previously extended a 50% reduction in fees to help IPS with the cost of clean up. Commissioner Myers stated, “That is substantial reduction and now you’re asking to go all the way down to $1? That is a 97% discount. I don’t think I can support $1/ton.” Commissioner Woydziak agreed stating, “I’m reluctant to go to $1/ton but I’m willing to move to $10/ton.”
Mr. Riley also asked for an extension to continue cleaning property up. With respect to the originally agreed upon deadline, Commissioner Myers noted, “Nothing has changed, all of the parameters are the same as December.” Mr. Riley cited poor weather conditions, loss of employees, and landfill costs as hindrances to having the property cleaned up by the March 31 deadline.
Commissioner Wheeler asked the Board to consider, “Is it realistic to suppose that much [waste] can be taken in 4 weeks when only 250,000 pounds had been taken since December 1?” He also wondered, “What kind of strain does this put on the landfill?” While Public Works Director Darryl Lutz did not immediately have an answer, he stated, “it sounds ambiguous to me, I don’t know. 125 tons is about a days amount of trash that comes to landfill [currently].”
It was decided to extend the deadline to Wednesday, May 1, 2019 and for Subtitle D fees be reduced from $15 to 10/ton with a maximum of 1500 tons, which equates to 3 million pounds, and only be the materials already onsite at IPS, with biweekly progress updates. The motion carried 4-1, Murphy voted against.
Dan Rice, Executive Director for South Central Mental Health Counseling Center (SCMHCC) appeared before the Board to present the current list of board members recommended for re-appointment with the addition on two new board members. The bylaws for SCMHCC require the appointment of not less than seven members from Butler County, Kansas to be appointed for terms of three (3) years by the Board of County Commissioners in accordance to the provisions of K.S.A 19-4002. Membership of each governing board, as nearly as possible, shall be representative of public health, medical profession, the judiciary, public welfare, hospitals, mental health organizations and organizations for people with intellectual disability, education, rehabilitation, labor, business and civic groups and the general public.
The governing board of a mental health center also shall include consumers of mental health services or representatives of mental health consumer groups and shall include family members of mentally ill persons. The new members added to the board are Sarah Hoffman and John Black. The appointments were approved.
Darryl Lutz, Public Works Director, presented a request participate in the federal funds exchange program in order to receive available funds from Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) for the current federal fiscal year. In 2011, KDOT ended the five-year plan process for federal aid funding of county road and bridge projects that utilize STP funds. In lieu of submitting projects to KDOT for federal aid funding, KDOT instituted a new program that allows KDOT to purchase the federal aid from Counties for 90 cents for every $1 of available funds.
This program allows counties in Kansas to build their own projects utilizing our own design standards and administrative requirements and be reimbursed from KDOT with state funds. Last year was the fifth year that Butler County had a positive balance for which the county received approximately $327,000 based on a reduced exchange rate of 75 cents for every dollar of federal funds. The exchange rate for this year has been restored to 90 cents for every $1 of available federal funds. While the exchange has increased for this year, the amount of federal funds available has decreased by about $25,000.
The County has a balance of federal aid funds this federal fiscal year in the amount of $409,725.34. Based upon the exchange rate of 90 cents for $1, the County can receive up to $368,752.80 to be applied toward a project or projects this year. The entire amount is allocated to fund road and bridge improvement projects in 2019. The money will be forwarded to Butler County as a reimbursement against any projects completed this year.
Mr. Lutz also presented a non-agenda action item to approve utility agreements related to a bridge replacement project. The request was approved.
Bryce Flaming, residing in Commissioner Masterson’s District 1, was appointed to the Planning and Zoning Board.
During a work session, the Board discussed appointments to FIre District Boards and discussed complaints and questions that were submitted to the Commissioners by their constituents. The statutes state that there can be between 3-7 members on fire boards. The Fire Chief is appointed by the Board and in some districts, the Fire Chief can also sit on the board.
Vouchers, adds and abates were approved.