Be informed before voting next week

Next week, on Tuesday, March 5th, voters in Butler County, Kansas U.S.D. No. 206 (Remington Schools) will decide if now is the right time to make needed capital improvements to district attendance centers.
The bond issue election requests the authority to issue $9.975 million in general obligation bonds to finance the proposed capital improvements.
With improvements at all three attendance centers, every student in USD 206 will be affected.   Safety and security is at the top of the list of priorities.  Controlled-access entrances as well as storm shelters are a part of the improvement plan.   Handicap access improvements are also a goal of the bond issue.  Gymnasiums at all 3 schools will be improved with air-conditioning.  The Elementary School in Potwin will see the construction of a new Music Room that will be reinforced to serve as a storm shelter area. Improvements at the Middle School include a new Media Center which will allow more room for project based learning.  At Remington High School, the plan includes a new multi-purpose room to also be reinforced to serve as a storm shelter for the building.    
Education is changing to benefit children and their future.  Modern schools are moving toward individual and project-based learning.  The Kansans CAN initiative encouraged by the Department of Education encourages schools to be proactive in developing student’s skills and ability to perform in the workplace.    The bond issue program will provide needed spaces for this initiative.
Improvements at Remington High School will address PE, athletic, and other spaces for students as well as community members.  With limited gym and support spaces, schedules are a challenge at this school.   The bond issue will create a new, larger competition gymnasium with support spaces for wrestling, weights, and community wellness areas.

A walking track above the down-load gym will benefit both students and patrons.  Parking and lighting improvements are also planned.
The District wishes to take advantage of today’s bond market.  Interest rates, estimated at 4.5% for the 22-year bond issue, are still low compared to past periods.  Recent similar issues have sold at average rates below 4%.   The USD 206 tax base has grown by more than $14.65 million in the last decade—average annual growth of approximately 4%.  In the district’s plan of finance, to be conservative, they have assumed growth of only 2% through 2018 and 1.5% thereafter.  Continued growth at a higher level, would reduce the needed mills for bond repayment.    
The bond issue will require an additional bond and interest mill levy of 7.9 mills.  A mill is $1 of tax on each $1,000 of assessed valuation of property in the district.  A net increase of 7.9 mills represents added taxes on a $100,000 home of $7.57 per month.  The estimated impact of the bond issue on 160 Acres of Dryland farm ground is 64 cents per acre in additional property tax.
The volunteer K.I.D.S. Committee has conducted informational meetings around the district in recent weeks.  A final informational meeting is scheduled as follows:
Monday,    March 4th    7:00 PM  Remington High School
For more bond information, access the Facebook page (Remington USD 206 bond issue)

This article is one of a series provided by the USD 206 KIDS (Keep Improving District Schools) Committee to help district patrons understand the March 5 bond issue proposal.  The goal of the K.I.D.S. Committee is that every voter in USD 206 has enough information to make an informed decision on this important question on Election Day (March 5th).