This week's El Dorado City Commission meeting

 One major challenge was identified after Tuesday night’s El Dorado City Commission meeting was adjourned and cameras had stopped rolling. That challenge being the propagation of animosity towards the City and its employees without respect or compassion for their dedication to serving the public.
Commissioner Wilkinson told Mr. Meyer, “I personally want to thank you and your department for everything you’ve done. I think a lot of the criticism you received on Facebook was unnecessary and quite rude.”
At the request of City Manager David Dillner, Mr. Meyer shared the City of El Dorado Public Works Policy on Snow and Ice Control; provided answers to frequently asked questions; shared reports and Storm Event logs detailing the activities of the Public Works Department in preparation for the storm. He acknowledged the criticisms received from residents online but countered their accusations with a list of detailed actions that had been taken.
Mr. Meyer also addressed current challenges facing the department with respect to the limited supply of salt available. This limited availability not only affects municipalities but the school district was affected as well, so the Public Works Department put out material for them. He also noted that citizens complain about roads that do not belong to the city.

Brad Yazel appeared before the City Commission to invite them to the Second Annual Butler County First Responders Appreciation Day Dinner on February 23rd. This event is sponsored by Carlson Colonial & Kirby-Morris Funeral Homes. The community is invited to attend, free of charge, to help show their appreciation to Butler County First Responders.
Public Works Director, Brad Meyer shared updates and summarized 2018 accomplishments for the Animal Shelter; City Streets; Information Technology; Refuse and Recycling; and the Municipal Airport. He also identified projects and initiatives for the upcoming year as well as major trends and challenges facing the department.
Project updates
City Engineer, Scott Rickard gave updates to on-going projects. Those projects include Bike Paths/Sidewalks; Streets; Water; Storm Water; Sanitary Sewer; Parks, Building Division; Planning and Zoning Division; and plans for future projects.
The final plat of Prairie Trails Addition was presented and the easement was accepted as shown. Platting the golf course property will create an official record of the property and create easements to ensure public access to the bike path. Mr. Dillner stated that Great Life can begin operating whenever they choose but they have not committed to a date.
An amendment to the sanitary sewer project at Graham Park, which provides for additional funds for sewer improvements, was approved.
Financial report
City Manager, David Dillner gave the Fourth Quarter Strategic and Financial Report. He identified projects tied to the 2018 Commission Priorities of Water Sales, Community Image, Industrial and Business Parks, Parks and Recreation, and Public Safety. Among the information highlighted by Mr. Dillner was the fact that the City of El Dorado received a record $2.6 million in sales tax receipts last year and had the highest transient guest tax ($195,000) since 2015.
Commissioner Guthrie addressed concerns surrounding the Industrial Park Master Plan asking “Why is this taking so long?” and if there was a potential to cancel the contract due to lack of performance. Mr. Dillner replied that it was a good question and he would follow up at the scheduled meeting.
Mr. Dillner informed the Commissioners that 534 surveys had been returned and were in the process of being aggregated and the results would be disseminated at a later meeting but wanted to inform them as well as the public that the drawing for free Utilities will be held at the next Commission meeting and broadcast live.
The next meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, March 4, 2019, in the City Commission Room at City Hall. All meetings are open to the public and contain a public comment section where citizens can voice their concerns directly to the Commission.