Felicia Martindale is on the City Council

Ward 4 Augusta City Councilman David Bates resigned last month, which created an opening on the council.  Pursuant to city code, the position was required to be filled by an election held among the remaining members at the next scheduled meeting.  
Two candidates were nominated at Monday’s meeting; Felicia Martindale and Mike Timberlake.  Both candidates are active members of the community and qualified to sit on the Council. Martindale was elected and will fill Councilman Bates’ unexpired term through 2021.
Martindale is a Project Manager for Koch Industries.

Liz Willis appeared to request permission to hold the Living Incredible 5K Race at Shryock Park and on city streets around Garvin Park on Aug. 10, 2019.
Wichita Adaptive Sports (WAS) is planning to host its first-ever Living Incredible one-mile fun run, 5K wheelchair race, and 5K open race in Augusta. Races will begin and end in Shryock Park, following the USATF certified course along city streets looping around Garvin Park. Top male and female finishers in each age division, as well as top amputee finishers, will be given awards.
Timer Guys will be assisting in hosting; they also coordinate the Pregnancy and Family Resource Center’s Run for Their Lives 5K in Augusta each fall. A wheelchair user will test the course this summer, specifically the milled lake road. If it is not optimal for wheelchair racing, then the course will deviate to the sidewalk as needed.
Event organizers are anticipating 300 participants, and will ask businesses across Ohio Street about using their parking lots so that cars are not on the Shryock Park lawn.
WAS is a non-profit providing opportunities for those with physical disabilities to play sports. WAS also provides running prostheses and sports wheelchairs so that amputees can remain active and healthy participants in society.
Council approved the request.
Other items approved
• City Manager Josh Shaw explained that In 2014, the city completed its first ever 5-year strategic plan. Strategic plans are a tool for identifying direction and strategy for a specified period of time and developing task goals that align with the organizational mission and values. The 2014-2018 planning window is now over and many of the goals/tasks from that plan have been completed. The City Council budgeted for a strategic plan update to be conducted in 2018 but several other projects took precedent and staff was not able to get a proposal in front of Council before the end of the year.
Council was asked to approve a proposal in the amount of $10,800 from Wichita State Public Policy and Management Center to facilitate the strategic planning process for the City’s new 5-Year Strategic Plan.
In recent years, WSU has led successful community engagement and planning activities in dozens of communities and organizations throughout the state of Kansas. Staff was pleased with the variety of ideas and suggestions from WSU for engaging the community in more meaningful ways than Augusta has been able to do in the past.
The proposal was approved.
Also approved
• Ordinance No. 2141 accepting the Planning Commission’s recommendation to approve the zoning district reclassification from R-1 Single- Family Dwelling to R-4 Manufactured Home Park for Lot 1, Block A of the Family 1st Living Addition to the City of Augusta.
• Accept the Planning Commission’s recommendation to approve the Final Plat produced by Baughman Company, P.A. for the Family 1st Living Addition.
• Diving board replacement at the Augusta Municipal Swimming Pool.  Council accepted  the Park Advisory Board’s recommendation to replace the existing 14’ diving board, stand, handrails, and fulcrum with a 12’ diving board, stand, and handrails in the amount of $7,750.
• Approval of Convention & Tourism Committee’s recommendation for grant awards to the following entities.
 Augusta Historical Society - $1,000 for $150th Anniversary Celebration
 Downtown Augusta Retailers - $890 for Witches Night Out.
Two agenda items were tabled  for further discussion:
• Approval of fee schedule Resolution No. 2019-01 with modifications to fees for the Frisco Depot Welcome Center, criminal fingerprinting, and temporary dumpster rentals.
• Discussion/direction regarding proposed Ordinance No. 2142 regulating the use of public property for the landing, taking-off, and tethering of balloons.
In the latter part of the summer of 2018, two hot air balloon crews utilized Shryock Park to set up and launch their hot air balloons. Afterwards, the question was raised as to whether or not the City of Augusta should have regulations in place to control if and/or where this type of activity should be allowed on city-owned public property. The concern was primarily from a liability perspective.
The Council members felt more time and discussion is warranted.  The item is expected to return for approval at an upcoming meeting.
Work Session
Council members were reminded of the public work session at 6 p.m. Monday, Feb.11, at City Hall to discuss the North Ohio Street Corridor.