This week's El Dorado City Commission meeting

During the biweekly City Commission meeting, Police Chief Curt Zieman addressed the Commission with a summary of the past year’s accomplishments, projects and initiatives planned for the upcoming year, and major trends and challenges affecting the department’s operations.
The El Dorado Police Department motto is "Community Safety, Partners in Service." The motto states the essential purpose of the El Dorado Police Department, which is to protect the rights of all persons within its jurisdiction to be free from criminal attack, to be secure in their possessions and to live in peace.
Chief Zieman shared a quote that he keeps in his office as a reminder to himself and his officers, “Your job gives you authority but your behavior gives you respect.”
Citing 2018 crime statistics, he noted that the numbers were down on average, but there were a few categories which increased from 2017. Arson was up 1300% with a total of 13 incidents. Many of them were attributed to a single individual who has since been prosecuted. Burglary was up 55%, kidnapping was up 100% with one incident. Other areas of increase included sex offense, non-force; weapon law violations; DUI; family offense, non-violence; runaways; and trespassing. He mentioned the trespassing increase was due in part to the issue of homelessness and individuals seeking shelter.
He reported that El Dorado was listed as the 14th safest city (out of 30) in Kansas as rated by Leawood, Kansas ranked as number 1 and Wichita rounding out the list at number 30.
Zieman listed several successful projects from the previous year that the Police Department plans to continue as well as bringing back a former one. Citizens Police Academy is an educational program that meets once a week for 8 weeks. Classes will include Introduction and orientation, Patrol Operations, Traffic Stops and Traffic Laws, Criminal Investigations, Self Defense, Drug investigations, DUI investigations, Use of Force and firearms, Report writing and other topics. Commissioner Badwey extended his appreciation to Sgt Thompson for his quick response and attention to a child safety seat check. Sgt Thompson is licensed to perform child safety seat checks and this is a free service provided to the community.
Giving the Fire Department Annual Report was Fire Chief Joe Haag. He reported the Fire Department responded to 1,667 incidents in 2018 and that number is trending up since 2016. Additionally, he noted the response times are down overall. The highest number of calls were for “EMS/Rescue” at 878, followed by “Good Intent” calls at 265 and actual “Fire” calls at 173.
Provides 350 hours of public education through initiatives such as Project 20/ 20 at the High School, Middle School and Blackmore Elementary School; the Junior Firefighter Program; Fire Extinguisher Training; Safety Talk with First Baptist Preschool & Daycare and at EduCare; Fire Prevention Week assemblies at Grandview, Skelly, Jefferson, and Oil Hill; and Station Tours.
Also on the agenda was a Sanitary Sewer Extension Project. Wilkinson Construction presented a petition for sanitary sewer extension of Lots 1-14 in Block 7 of the CL Stone Addition. Resolution No. 2876, “to determine the advisability of the making of certain internal improvements in the City of El Dorado, Kansas; making certain findings with respect thereto; and authorizing and providing for the making of the improvements in accordance with such findings (Sanitary Sewer Improvements/Sanitary Sewer Extension- Project No. 553)” was approved by the Commission.
Commissioner Guthrie is stepping down from the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and Commissioner Kendra Wilkinson was selected to replace him. Additionally, Commissioner Wilkinson was selected as Vice-Mayor for the year 2019 and EFABC member. Commissioner Lewis was selected as alternate to EFABC.
The Commission adjourned for a 10 minute Executive Session and returned with no action. The next City Commission meeting will be Monday, February 18th at 6:30 P.M. The meetings are held in the Commission Room at City Hall and are open to the public.