Icy rescue this morning

Rescue crews rescued a dog named Zurich from an icy Augusta City Lake on Friday morning.  Zurich had fallen into the freezing water after ice broke beneath him in the cove near The Point Events Center.
Upon arrival, emergency crews used a Rapid Deployment Craft (RDC) to reach the dog who was approximately 100 yards from the shoreline.  Crew members on shore assisted with safety lines in helping to rescue Zurich.
“If it had been Monday with the much colder temperatures, it might have turned out differently,” advised Capt. Bruce Relph with the Augusta Department of Safety.
Zurich, a therapy dog for a young man, was taken to the Augusta Animal Clinic and checked out. Apart from being cold, wet and frightened, he checked out  in good condition.
Capt. Relph would like to remind citizens to stay off the ice and try to keep pets off it, too.  He also advised residents to never to try to rescue a pet alone, because often times the owner ends up needing rescued, too.