A week filled with activities coming up

St. James Catholic School will take part in a nation-wide celebration of Catholic education during the week of Saturday, January 26th to Sunday, February 3rd, the 44th Anniversary of National Catholic Schools Week.

The theme for this year is “Catholic Schools: Learn. Serve. Lead. Succeed.” Encompasses the core values that can only be found in Catholic schools across the country. Not only are we teaching students to become future servant/leaders, faith-filled disciples and enriched citizens in our communities, we as educators are growing with them. In Catholic schools, we are all learners, servants, and leaders. The shared qualities are what make Catholic schools work. They are what makes St. James Catholic School succeed.

St. James Catholic School has provided a Catholic education for students in Augusta and surrounding communities for 73 years. It offers Preschool through Eighth grades for Catholic and Non-Catholic students with a wide range of students with all types of learning backgrounds. For information please contact the school office at 775-5721.


Prayer and announcement of the daily theme over the intercom.

Parents and grandparents or other relatives are invited to lunch all week. $2.60 per lunch. Please pay in advance in the school office. Or the student’s card can be scanned in the school office.

Displays, essays, and a used book sale will be available for viewing.

4th-8th grade students display their essays, “How is Virtue shown at St. James?”

K-3rd grade students draw posters on how they show Virtues to others.

Walk in Sister’s Shoes Fundraiser (WISS)


THEME: Celebrate Catholic Schools with our community and families who give examples of Stewardship and Love.


Saturday, January 26th – Our Community and Families Light the Way.


An ALL SCHOOL MASS (Preschool-Eighth Grades) Saturday, January 26th at 5:00pm (Catholic and Non-Catholic). Children will lector and greet. The St. Cecilia Children’s Choir will sing during Mass.

St. James P.T.O. sponsors a Chili Dinner in the Gym after Mass.

K-8 Students will sing a few songs and dance before dinner.




Monday, January 28th – Our Students Light the Way.




THEME: Celebrate Catholic Schools through our students who strive for academic excellence with the help of God’s grace.


Parents, Grandparents, and Friends are invited for donuts in the gymnasium from 7:15-7:45am.

No Homework!

Hat day - St. James T-shirt/sweatshirt and jeans day

Student Fun Day – 1:00-3:00pm






One of the top 10% of parochial and public schools in the state of Kansas for two years in a row.




Tuesday, January 29th – Our Clergy and Religious help Light the Way.




THEME: Celebrate Catholic Schools through our Priests, Sisters, Principal and Teachers by “Teaching as Jesus Did.”


School Staff Luncheon sponsored by P.T.O. (Thanks P.T.O.)

Favorite Sports and Team Clothing Day

Kindergarten students celebrate “Kansas Day”.






Wednesday, January 30th – The Rosary Lights the Way


THEME: Celebrate Catholic Schools through our Religious and Spiritual activities that help us grow spiritually.


A Living Rosary will be held in the gym at 8:05am.

Children may wear pajamas/sweats and/or bring a blankey and bring their favorite stuffed animal.




Thursday, January 31st – Our Volunteers Light the Way.




THEME: Celebrate Catholic Schools through our volunteers who give us examples of stewardship.


St. James T-shirt/Sweatshirt, jeans and Cowboy Clayton’s Boot Day

100th Day of School – House/Family Activities

Donuts and coffee for our Volunteers after Mass in the Church Foyer.

Middle School Religion Quiz Bowl Competition in Wichita






Friday, February 1st – Our Principal and Teachers Light the Way.




THEME: Celebrate Catholic Schools through our Principal and Teachers by “Teaching as Jesus Did.”


St. James T-shirt/Sweatshirt/Jeans and Crazy Sock Day.

P.T.O. treat for students at the end of the day.



Don't miss the special Catholic Schools Week pages in Saturday's issue of the Times-Gazette - loaded with photos and messages from St. James Catholic School families.