Thrive! Butler collaborating with Strong Ground network

Thrive! Butler is pleased to announce they have signed an MOU ( Memorandum of Understanding) with the Kansas relationship-driven poverty reduction network, Stronger Ground. Stronger Ground seeks to provide an avenue where community-based organizations, who seek to reduce poverty through the development of relationships and life skills, can share and collaborate. Stronger Ground member organizations intend to effectively work together for a) fellowship and support b) communication c) volunteer education and training d) sharing program resources e) improving poverty awareness in our communities and f) advocacy and policy development.
Thrive! Butler Vice-Chair Rae Thiel said “Thrive! Butler's association with Strong Ground will provide relationships with others in Kansas who have been doing relationship-based poverty work for as many as 10 years. Their knowledge and expertise about this work gives us insights and information that would take us years to understand and put into practice.”
Stronger Ground will host 3 to 4 meetings each year to further existing and new collaborative efforts among member organizations. The first such meeting in 2019 will be held on February 16th in Topeka, Kansas.
Stronger Ground is a Kansas Relationship-Driven Poverty Reduction Network
Thrive! Butler is a relationship-based poverty initiative that provides a safe place for those in poverty to develop nonjudgmental relationships and build life skills. THRIVE! Butler expands opportunities and support for families and individuals as they construct their own paths to stability, creating deep and lasting change in Butler County.