GreatLIFE Kansas City, LLC. purchasing for $550,000.

The City of El Dorado has approved the purchase of Prairie Trails Golf Course by GreatLIFE Kansas City, LLC for $550,000. The agreement stipulates that the City maintains “Right of First Refusal” under two conditions. The first condition is that during the first seven years of operation, if GreatLIFE Kansas City. LLC would quit operating the golf course as agreed upon, the City has the right to buy it back for the purchase price plus improvements minus depreciation based on a set formula outlined in the contract. If they quit operating the golf course as agreed upon after the first seven years, the City would have the right to purchase the property back at market value. The second condition is that if they should decide to sell the property, the City would have the right to match or counter any offers.
After much discussion regarding the assignability of the “Right of First Refusal” in the event of future sales, it was determined that exercising the right when the option is made available would eliminate the need for assignability. GreatLIFE Kansas City, LLC will begin operation under a lease until closing which will be 10 business days after platting of the property.
The platting is necessary as the city has made improvements to sections of the property that it will retain and that are not included in the sale.  The City employees currently working at Prairie Trails will be retained by the City in other employment roles if they choose not to accept employment offers from GreatLIFE Kansas City, LLC.
Public hearings were set for Tuesday, January 22 at 6:30 p.m. for a number of city projects. Those projects are:
Project No. 421 - Paving Belmont Heights 3rd, Phase 1;
Project No. 422 - Sanitary Sewer Belmont Heights 3rd, Phase 1;
Project No. 436 - Paving Criss 9th;
Project No. 437 - Sanitary Sewer Criss 9th;
Project No. 443 - Paving Belmont Heights 3rd, Phase 2;
Project No. 444 - Sanitary Sewer Belmont Heights 3rd, Phase 2;
Project No. 513 - Country Club Road Extension;
Project No. 514 - Sanitary Sewer Country Club Road;
Project No. 523 - Criss 9th Landscape Wall;
Project No. 538 - Sidewalk & Curb/Gutter Replacement 100Blk W Olive.
The Commission approved a lease agreement for $2,950.00/month with Butler Rural Electric for the southern portion of the Civic Center for its operations. The lease will take effect February 1, 2019. The space was previously leased by Army National Guard.
A request by Interstate Holdings, LLC to purchase the remaining property in the Griler Addition for $100,000 for the development of housing was approved by the Commission. The Griler Addition is located at the SE Corner of N Norris Dr. and W 6th Ave. The City has owned the development since acquiring it at a tax sale in November 2014. The developer intends to apply for housing tax credits to assist with the development costs of the project, and the ultimate sale of the property would be contingent upon the award of tax credits to the project.
A bid of $144,459 by Flint Hills Materials was accepted for the repair of Central Avenue between Gordy and Star.
On December 23, 2018, a leak was found on Central between Gordy and Star. When the street was removed, a large hole was found in the 10 inch line, believed to be caused by a pressure spike early in the morning. When the repair was completed, several more leaks were found in a 4 inch line near the first one. After repairing all of the leaks, it became apparent that the line would need to be replaced soon. Commissioner Badwey commended the staff who worked all day and into the night on Christmas Eve to make those initial repairs.
The last action of the evening came after the Commission returned from an Executive Session, and approved the employment contract for City Manager David Dillner.