Johnny Yelverton pleads guilty to two counts

Johnny Yelverton, 45, former Maize teacher and DARE officer with the Augusta Department of Safety, pled guilty on Monday to two counts of unlawful sexual relations.
It was reported that Yelverton had sex with the female student in his classroom at Maize Career Academy and off campus between March and May, when the girl's mother and stepfather discovered their relationship.
Yelverton was arrested on May 7 and resigned from his teaching position several days later. He taught fire science and law and public safety courses to Maize High School and Maize South High School students at the academy.
Before teaching, Yelverton worked for the Augusta Department of Safety. He was named Kansas DARE Officer of the Year by the Kansas Juvenile Officer’s Association in 2015.  He resigned his duties that year to pursue a career in public education.