Advancement of the industrial hemp farming opportunity

The Hemp Development Group is comprised  of like-minded entrepreneurial farmers and business people advancing the industrial hemp farming opportunity; seeding, processing and crop sales.  The group will raise awareness, develop relationships in industry, and expand infrastructure maximizing farmer’s profits.
Industrial hemp is now legal to grow in a number of states across the U.S.  Each state has a unique set of regulations that govern its growth and distribution.
Industrial hemp is an important addition to the U.S. economy. Currently, it is imported from several countries and is thought to be used in approximately 25,000 products. With its many diverse uses, cultivating hemp in the U.S.  would lead to lower prices for consumers and higher demand, creating a prosperous marketplace for the product, and also creating many jobs.
Hemp is not marijuana, it's an efficient and useful agricultural commodity and should be regulated like one.
Hemp is typically grown for the seed, flower and stock (hurd/fiber).
The Hemp Development Group Kansas will be hosting a strategic planning meeting at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 6 at St. Vincent de Paul in Andover, Room 2-H, Ville entrance and upstairs).
Guest speaker will be Joe Bisogno.  Bisogno began running a lemonade stand when he was 6 years-old, bought an ice cream truck at 18 and later purchased a gas station.  In 1988, Bisogno started Mr. Goodcents Inc. after nearly 10 years of experience with the McDonald’s Corp.
The first Mr. Goodcents franchised location opened two years later, and there are now more than 115 franchised restaurants nationwide.  
Now, heavily involved in the industrial hemp movement he has founded and built America’s Hemp Academy educating students on how to grow, harvest, process, and manufacture process using industrial hemp.  
For more information on Hemp Development Kansas, look for them on Facebook.