Residents can help

Butler County currently participates, along with 10 other counties, in a regional‐level Hazard Mitigation Plan. The Plan is due to expire in May of 2019. Working with the State of Kansas and a planning contractor, the county, including our cities, townships, school districts, fire districts, etc., is currently participating in an update to this plan.
What is a hazard mitigation plan?
This plan looks at our county from a lot of different angles (population, economy, geography, infrastructure...) and figures out where we are vulnerable to disasters. It then tries to identify actions that can be taken to reduce risks.
By going through this process and participating in a Hazard Mitigation Plan, this also makes our county eligible for certain grant funds, which could help us complete some of those ac on items.
What is needed from you?
As part of the plan update, we need to hear from our citizens at different phases in the process. The state’s contractor has put together an online survey to gather some initial public feedback. You are invited to help us out in this process by participating in this short survey:
• h ps:// (English version)
• h ps:// (Spanish version)
What if you have questions?
If you need any info about the survey, the planning process, or the current Hazard Mitigation on Plan, contact Keri Korthals at Butler County Emergency Management . ( or 316‐733‐9796).