Monday's City Council meeting had extensive agenda

Augusta City Council members spend a lot of time in planning sessions where they consider a number of quality of life projects.  During a recent Pride & Progress planning session, council members identified two trail projects and set a goal for construction in 2019.  
At Monday’s city council meeting the council took action on the services agreements for design engineering for sidewalk/trail projects.
“This is a 2019 project, but in order to get a jump start on the construction season, staff recommends that the council engage the city engineer now to complete the design process,” City Manager Josh Shaw advised.
City Engineer Mike Stumpe explained the trail projects identified for funding by the City:
1. Belmont to Shryock Sidewalk/Trail - This project consists of connecting the existing sidewalk along Belmont Street on the south side of the road, which currently ends on USD 402 property, to the intersection of Belmont and Ohio.  On the northwest corner of the intersection, the proposed new 8’ wide pedestrian trail would go north and connect to the existing walking trail in Shryock Park.  Once this trail is complete, pedestrians will be able to walk from Old Highway 54/400/Custer Lane to Garvin Park in one continuous loop.
2. Lulu to Frisco Street Trail - This project would consist of connecting the existing sidewalks at Walmart on Lulu Street to the newly installed sidewalks on Frisco Street, located along abandoned railroad right-of-way and passing through downtown and Frisco Plaza.
Shaw explained that city staff has been working with local architect Bill Morris on designs for the Veterans Memorial and Park extension behind Community National Bank that will be incorporated into the engineering design.  Applications for a matching grant from Sunflower Foundation will be made in early 2019.
Once this trail is complete, pedestrians will be able to walk from Walmart to Garvin Park/David Street entrance to Stone Lake Estates on a single continuous loop.
Council approved the engineering services agreement in the amount of $22,500 for design engineering services for the Belmont to Shryock sidewalk/trail project.
Council also approved the engineering services agreement in the amount of $30,800 for design engineering services for the Lulu Street to Frisco Street trail connection.
Supplemental funding request
Councilors were asked at Monday’s meeting to approve a supplemental funding request from City Engineer Schwab Eaton in the amount of $7,900 for extra work required to complete the 2017 Street Sales Tax Project.
The request is based on significant deviations from the original scope of the work.  Engineer Stumpe explained that the deviations on the project included multiple crews on site performing different tasks at different times of the work day; contractor requested additional inspection availability when site conditions changed; delay in delivery of materials to the site, i.e., plant break-down, truck availability and material not being delivered to specifications; measuring and verification of quantity changes with contractor’s personnel and supervisors; the engineer’s part-time observation of an average of 5 hours per day on site was closer to an average of 7 hours per day
Council approved, 8-0, the $7,900 funding request for extra work needed to complete the project.
Additional street work
There is approximately $36,000 remaining in the 2017 Street Sales Tax Package that can be utilized for additional street work. Last month, Council directed staff to reach out to APAC for possible recommendations for potential projects.  
City Manager Josh Shaw advised that a decision needed to be made in order for the work to be done before cold weather hits and that the pricing may not be steady after November.
Several recommendations were presented to the Council.
• Repairs to Kelly Ave. east of Ohio St.  It has experienced irregular wear and tear from major construction activities on South Ohio St.  This road is a major arterial in commercial zone, serves as a snow route, and services a large volume of traffic.
• Dearborn experienced a high level of wear and tear during the extended construction period for the South Ohio Street Project.  City is considering utilizing this stretch of road to test out a microseal treatment as part of the routine street maintenance.
• Taylor and Flanagan in the Knebler Addition are in rough condition and in need of depth reconstruction in many areas.  The cost to perform this work far exceeds what is left on the contracted, so it is not recommended at this time.
• State Street from the roundabout to Walnut may be a potential project.  It is a self-contained area with low traffic volumes that would be easy to work around.  This section is also the entrance to the downtown area from the south.  Staff is not recommending this project at this time because of the low traffic/impact.
• Garvin Park road was considered but the needs are much greater than the financial resources available.
With over $36,000 remaining in the original contract with APAC, several projects can be completed within the established budget, but selecting a grouping in a single location rather than spreading them all around town, makes more sense financially.
Council approved, 8-0, Package 2; Kelly Street (Hooper to Spencer, Spencer to Golf, Golf to Starkey, Starkey to Johnson, and Johnson to Ohio St.)  The total cost will be $44,489.78.
Bid award for water and sewer extensions
Council approved a low bid submitted by Mies Construction, Inc. in the amount of $39,198.50 for the extension of water and sanitary sewer infrastructure for commercial development.  The segment of sewer will start at the existing manhole located at the southwest corner of the Scooter’s property and will terminate at a manhole in the southeast corner of the Wendy’s property on W. 7th St.
The next step after the bid award was the approval of a sales resolution authorizing the offering for sale of general obligation temporary notes.  These notes will ultimately provide the financing to pay the up-front cost for the project.
Other action
• Council approved an amendment to the scope of the engineering services agreement with Aqua Tech Engineering Consultants for the Wastewater Treatment Plant SCADA System, not to exceed $172,000.
• Approved the purchase of a slide-in unit for the new animal control truck from the company providing the lowest quote, Jones Trailer Company, in the amount of $4,897.91.
• Approval of the Fee Schedule Resolution No. 2018-26 amending the General Diversion Fee from $50 to $100 to match the current fees for D.U.I. diversions.  This is more in line with costs in other area municipal courts.
• Further condemnation action at 432 E. Broadway was tabled.  The structure has been demolished and the area is being cleaned.
• Approval of the Planning Commission’s recommendation to approve a zoning district reclassification from CC-Central Commercial to I-Industrial for property located at 12249 SW Highway 54 in the Growth Area.
• Approval of a work session scheduled for 6 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 26, at City Hall to meet with representatives from EverBlue Lake Solutions to discuss Eurasion watermilfoil at the Augusta City Lake.  Eurasion watermilfoil is an emergent, invasive herbaceous aquatic plant, that can reach as much as 33 feet in length.  Once the plant is established in a lake, it is almost impossible to eradicate.