A full week of activities

Augusta’s Garfield Elementary School is turning 100  years old. Garfield School turns 100 this year.  In true Garfield fashion, a celebration is planned for the week of Nov. 12-16.
The week’s events include:
* Tuesday, Nov. 12, each student will visit the Augusta Historical Museum learn the history of their school and community.
* Wednesday, Nov. 14, students will participate in a virtual field trip to an old one room school house using the Virtual Reality technology that Megan Vittitow facilitates at the middle school.  
* Thursday, Nov. 15 will be a “throwback” day where students will rotate through every classroom and learning things from the early 1900’s.  There will be old games, quilting, and much more.
* Friday, Nov. 16  will feature a  ice cream social with past students and teachers invited to attend e and watch a slideshow.  The slideshow includes interviews of past teachers and principals sharing their favorite Garfield memories and also will have old pictures of the building and kids.  The slideshow  at 2:30 p.m. will be followed by ice cream sandwiches for everyone.