Bi-annual grants awarded

The Prize Patrol from Partners In Education Foundation, Inc. (PIE) made its tour of El Dorado schools Tuesday Oct 23rd to distribute this year’s Fall Awards. Three different types of awards were presented, $12,500 in Grants to Schools, $6,600 in Program Awards, and $9,600 in awards from the Felix Alton Cantrell Jr. Fund.
The bi-annual Grants to Schools awards are initiated by the instructors, librarians, or staff of the schools when they apply for grants using innovative curriculum, creative books, or other items that facilitate a positive classroom experience. A PIE committee reviews and selects the grants to be awarded based on the quality of the requests and the funds available.
• At Skelly Elementary Corina Adams received an award for “Young Makers and Future Designers”.
• Blackmore Elementary received eight awards; Tonya Cogan – “Letters Alive”, Luanna Lewis – “BEAR-Books Everywhere Always Reading” & “Little People, Big Dreams, Christie Henderson – “Focus Tools for Students”, Steve Clark – “Conflict Management”, Denise Johnson – “New Ways to Fidget”, Sara Coons – “High-Interest / Low-Level Books”, Judy Slayton & Teresa Kasper – “Snap Words”.
• Three Awards at El Dorado Middle School; Jenifer Davis –- “Pros Cattracks”, Karla King – “Flex Seat Disks”, Elizabeth Tanner – “Focus Tools”. Three more awards at El Dorado High School; Deena Eaton – “Breakout Boxes”, Teresa Riedinger – “Let’s Split”, Lora Goehring – “Focused and Alert”.
• The Prize Patrol’s final stop was at Grandview Elementary distributing five awards; Jessica Jensen – “Terrific & Tantalizing Texts” & “Sensory Study”, Nancy Wagner – “I Might be Little, But I Like Books”, James Shum – “Going, Going, Gone”, Sherri Crawford – “Ukuleles: Bringing the Hawaiian Paradise to the Classroom”.
• And rounding out the awards was a grant to the two elementary music instructors Sherri Crawford and Wendy Goldsmith for “Xylophone Extensions” to be shared by all three elementary schools.
PIE annually awards monies to specific programs or departments as directed by some of the endowed funds. Eighteen different endowed funds will provide financial support to the industrial arts, libraries, drama, orchestra,English departments, Career and Technical Educaiton, business school nurses, and students in need.
The generosity of Jeanette Rudy continues to benefit our community by using the Felix Alton Cantrell Jr. Fund entrusted to PIE. The Cantrell Committee selected 10 requests to fund this fall. These grants will provide students with special needs equipment that will enhance their ability to learn and prosper. Items provided this year will facilitate some greeting card making, C-Pen readers, iPads, Apple TV, iPad Minis, Bluetooth Speakers, Eye Gaze System, headsets, and Ruckus Chairs.
 Partners In Education Foundation is a not for profit foundation established in 1989 to enhance the educational opportunities for the students of USD 490. For more information contact Rod Blackburn, Development Director at, 316.322.4800.