Western Journal lists theatre as top site

The Augusta Historic Theatre received an honor recently when it was named by the Western Journal as one of the Top Historical Sites to Visit in the United States.
In the August edition, the publication listed 50 of its favorite historical sites and the local theatre was the site listed for Kansas.
Included with a photo of the inside of the theatre, is the following text, “In 1930s America, it was extremely common to find a movie theater in any downtown. But when the Augusta Historic Theater first opened, the trend was on its downward trajectory. Nevertheless, the theater was completed in 1935 and has remained open. As it stands today, the historic site is a testament to the early days of American cinema.
This belongs among the top historical places to visit by state just based on its architecture. The Art Deco styling is classic and distinctive. Plus the Egyptian theme is prevalent throughout the expansive structure. But perhaps the best part is that the Augusta Historic Theater is still in operation. Catch a classic or current movie on the screen or a live show on the stage.”
The article was listed at: https://www.westernjournal.com/top-historical-places-visit-state/ and was shared on the Western Journal Facebook page.
Connie Thurman, president of the Augusta Arts Council and director of Downtown Augusta, Inc., stated, “We are thrilled that our wonderful theatre is listed in the article!  It’s nice that Augusta’s beautiful treasure is appreciated by others, too.”