USD 490 took time out of their schedules to honor grandparents with activities at each of the schools in the district. Grandparents Day was celebrated with breakfast at the High School on Friday afternoon and with an afternoon social complete with cookies at the Middle School. The elementary schools will host a Tea on Monday.
Acknowledging the room filled with students and grandparents, Principal Kevin House observed, “I would have reserved a bigger room.” He went on to add that he has a new respect for the position of grandparent, being a first time grandfather with a 6 month old granddaughter.
He thanked the grandparents for coming to the breakfast, answered questions, and explained the ‘Second Chance Breakfast’ program. “It allows for those who come in late, or who prefer to eat later in the morning, to get a ‘Grab and Go’ breakfast and eat in classrooms.
House also talked about the security system change. “All doors are locked during the day. This is the oldest building in the district other than Performing Arts Center.”
Ian Bullock was joined by his Grandma, Judy Parks. Judy has 64 grandkids but is spending time with only one today. She has been involved with USD 490 for years. She drove a bus for 20 years and worked in the kitchen, prior to that. She is a proud El Dorado High School graduate, class of 1959. “My brother and father and mother went here. It’s a multigenerational thing,” she shared.
Schauna Altis was joined by an older sister and two grandmothers, both named Susan.
President Jimmy Carter signed the Proclamation which recognized the first Grandparents Day on September 10, 1978, and it is observed each year on the Sunday following Labor Day.
An excerpt from the proclamation stated, “The elders of each family have the responsibility for setting the moral tone for the family and for passing on the traditional values of our Nation to their children and grandchildren. They bore the hardships and made the sacrifices that produced much of the progress and comfort we enjoy today. It is appropriate, therefore, that as individuals and as a nation, that we salute our grandparents for their contribution to our lives.”