This week's meeting

On Tuesday, the City Commission looked at the question of whether or not they should grant a tax abatement to the prospective acquirer of the Holiday Inn Express to retain the existing hotel brand. Also under consideration was if they should assign a Community Improvement District.
Discussion of the options, with respect to the requested tax abatement, was held and it was noted that the city could approve the original request for a ten-year, 100% tax abatement for the Holiday Inn Express, approve the revised request for a ten-year, 70% tax abatement for the Holiday Inn Express, or deny approval of a tax abatement and maintain the property on the existing tax rolls.
Vice Mayor Gregg Lewis shared “[El Dorado] needs this caliber of hotel to bring the people in who use their travel cards, they currently stay in Wichita when visiting El Dorado.” No decision was made and the topic was tabled until next City Commission meeting to discuss setting a date for a public hearing.
Action taken by the Commission included passing Ordinance #G-1287
“An Ordinance of the City of El Dorado amending Title 6 of the El Dorado Municipal Code Relating to Nuisance and Dangerous Animals.”
Also passed by the Commission was Ordinance #G-1288, which adopted amendments to Chapter 15.03 “Contractors’ Licenses of the City of El Dorado Municipal Code.” This amendment requires registration of contractors in the City of El Doardo.  Prior to its passing, general contractors were not required to be licensed.  This license will require any contractor performing work that requires a permit to provide proof of general liability insurance.  This will hold the contractors accountable for any work they perform. Currently only the trades (electrical, plumbing, mechanical) are required to provide insurance and other documentation.
The final action of the evening was the passage of Ordinance #G-1289. The ordinance, adopting the 2006 edition of the International Property Maintenance Code, addresses minimum housing standards. El Dorado Police Officer Sarah Hagen discussed how this could be enforced. While the ordinance passed, it was noted by Commissioner Nick Badwey, “I’m not against this, not sure if it goes far enough.”