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Thanking those who helped  with Summer Food Program

To the Editor,
The Augusta Public Schools would like to thank all the organizations and individuals who helped make the 2018 Summer Food Program a resounding success. We fed 2,970 kids and 376 adults at Robinson Elementary. We were also able to give out 244 backpacks on Fridays for the weekend. We so appreciate all the support the Augusta community provided for this very valuable and needed program.
Thank you to:
Augusta United Methodist Church and Rev. Steve Spencer, Beth Wallingford, Larry Winter, Mike Tolle, Shelly Dunsmoor, Christina Cox, & Roberta McGrew. They provided a very generous donation for weekend backpacks, drove a van to transport kids, donated snacks, and provided lunches two weeks after the program ended at Robinson.
White Eagle Credit Union – Provided a very generous donation for weekend backpacks.
Walmart – awarded a grant to pay for adult meals.
Emprise Bank – provided a donation to buy snacks for the kids as they left the lunch program.
Larry Nichols, LGN Design – created, produced and updated the Summer Lunch yard signs
Augusta Dairy Queen – provided Ice Cream treats for the last day.
Jessica and Marilyn Runyan – loaned their Little Free Library to the lunch program.
Lunch Volunteers:
American State Bank and Trust Company - Karen Bruner, Sherrel Marr, Madison Marcotte, Cortlan Williams, and Gina Bohan ; Norma Stanley; Kerri Cody; Laurel Becker; Jean Randolph; Lu Ross; Connie Chance;
Augusta Public Library - Lisa Daniels, Marilyn Runyan, Kristie Sojka,and Jane Mapes; Yolanda Black; Nicole Hall,
 CDDO of Butler County;  JoAnn Craven; Tonie Apel; Lori Hurst; Terri Courter; Ruth Heppel; Alisha Bodyk; Gayle Teague; Kathy Hall; Carol Borger; Andrea Wilcox; Kelly Shelton;
Lunch Committee Members: Dr. John Black, Greg Taylor, Cheryl Kraft, Annette Powers, Steve Powers, Jennifer Parker, Leann Boucher and Jill Bostwick;
OPAA Employees: Leticia Otsuka, Tuesday Schmidt, and Tracy Christner;
Robinson Elementary Employees: Richard Tennissen, Krystle Alcorn and Lea Ann Lee

Jill Bostwick, Leann Boucher and Cheryl Kraft,   lunch co-chairs