Current Secretary of State and Governor hopeful Kris Kobach, along with running mate Wink Hartman, made a stop at the Andover Pizza Hut Tuesday at lunch time.

Current Secretary of State and Governor hopeful Kris Kobach, along with running mate Wink Hartman, made a stop at the Andover Pizza Hut Tuesday at lunch time.

Kobach and Hartman held a meet and greet with several supporters attending. Before the pizza was served Kobach shared some information about his campaign.

The main focus of Kobach’s message was making cuts to the state budget, term limits for state legislators and battling illegal immigration in the state.

“We’re the sanctuary state in the midwest for illegal immigration,” Kobach said. “We don’t have term limits when the states around us do have term limits. All these basic things are common sense to Republicans, conservatives aren’t getting done.”

When it comes to illegal immigration, Kobach said previous administrations have not taken a hard line stance.

“The problem with illegal immigration in Kansas is a significant one,” Kobach said. “I will be the first governor whose made an effort to tackle it. In particular in-state tuition for illegal immigrants is going to end when I’m Governor. We will have much closer cooperation between our state and local law enforcement and (the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement). That will be a very high priority of mine.”

Another campaign priority is cutting the state budget. Since stepping into the position of Secretary of State, Kobach has cuts the department’s budget from $7.1 million annually to $4.6 million.

“That’s me doing it as a person who doesn’t have (Hartman’s) wealth of business experience,” Kobach said. “Just looking at things how do we cut and where are the obvious places to cut out. We take Wink in there and make him (Chief Operating Officer) ofthe State of Kansas and have him go to every agency and say alright, ‘if I owned this business I wouldn’t be doing that. These people aren’t getting the job done.’ Have him come in as an outside analyst.”

Kobach also explained the recent issues with the proof of citizenship law.

“I’m defending our proof of citizenship law in the court,” Kobach said. “The judge issued a civil contempt, which is different from civil contempt. Civil contempt is away of compelling a party to do something.”

When United States District Judge Julie Robinson ruled that the State of Kansas cannot require proof of citizenship to register to vote, the Secretary of State’s Office sent notices to the counties to comply with Judge Robinson’s ruling. Some counties did not comply, Kobach said.

“The judge ordered the state of Kansas to send out two notices to people who registered at the (Department of Motor Vehicles) that didn’t provide proof of citizenship telling them what their staus was,” Kobach said. “One was a special notice. Every county sent out that one. The second notice was a standard postcard that this is the polling place you are registered. Some sent it, some didn’t. We instructed them to do that. All the counties didn’t do that. So the judge is holding our office in contempt because some counties didn’t follow the instructions we gave them.”

Kobach is running for Governor in the Republican Primary against incumbent Jeff Coyler, Jim Barnett, Patrick Kucera, Tyler Ruzich, Kansas Insurance Commissioner Ken Selzer and Joseph Tutera Jr.

The Republican Primary election is Aug. 7.