Before the Butler Community College Board of Trustees tackled agenda items at Tuesday’s monthly meeting, Butler President Dr. Kim Krull, Ph.D., shared a copy of Resolution No. 18-09, passed that morning by the Butler County Commission.  The resolution supports a reduction of the Butler Community College property tax levy.
“Our task force is getting information together and will be putting together a recommendation for the legislature,” Krull continued, “there is a conversation concerning community college funding and technical college funding.  Butler is one of those that’s under funded.  We will re-visit the formula, put together a plan and suggest changes.  We have a responsibility to the tax payers.”
The trustees discussed a Plumber Apprentice program, which was developed by Facilities Management and is an effort to attract and retain skilled labor to the college.  The program is based on a five-year progression to advance the trainee to Journeyman licensing level.  
No action was taken, but the topic will return  in a future meeting.
The board approved a Sports Accident Policy and the Catastrophic Policy prepared by ICI.  
The cost, $164,727 is down 2 percent with no big changes and will come from the Athletic Budget for the 2018-19 school year.
Also approved was property insurance renewal through ICI for $492,326 for the next school year.
Gravity Works Architecture present proposals for the Construction Manager at Risk for the Andover 5000 Building Improvement Project.   Five construction firms were interviewed and Simpson Construction was chosen.  Bob Simpson, company president, was present at Tuesday’s meeting and addressed the board.
“We’re looking forward to the project and building relationships,” he stated.
“It was a great process and we are really pleased where we ended up in making the choice,” advised Dr. Krull.
Trustees also approved Gravity Works’ recommendation in retaining the services of Professional Engineering Consultants (PEC) for the 5000 Building Project in the amount of $112,238.
The project consists approximately 15,000 new building/addition/remodel with an estimated construction budget of $10,000.  PEC will provide various technical and professional services, equipment, material, and transportation to perform the agreed scope of services.
New security app
A report was presented on a digital transformation physical security application, AppArmor, which was included and approved in the consent agenda.
Bill Young, Vice President of Digital Transformation, shared the highlights of the next step in creating a digital infrastructure to meet the security needs of students, faculty, and staff at Butler.
He explained the importance of mass notification and that currently Butler utilizes a solution called BEARS to notify students, faculty and staff of school closures or emergencies.  However, there is more to mass notifications than just a phone call, text message, or email.  
“AppArmor provides us with a unified solution for mass notification.  This product will give us the ability to text, email, phone call, a cellular app for anyone to use.  It includes emergency action plans, videos and training and what to do in crisis situations, Blue Light walk home features and a lot more,” Young advised.
The purchase price of AppArmor is $94,250, for a five year contract, which includes a 15 percent discount and a one time set up and training fee of $5,000.
Recognitions were made to Lakshmi Kambampati, an adjunct professor at Butler Community College, who was named a recipient of a Fulbright Scholar, and to all who assisted in the recent NJCAA National Track Meet held at Butler.