Three designs in final vote

The preliminary vote on the El Dorado flag designs has narrowed the final 12 designs to a final three designs.  There were over 1,300 votes.
The community’s involvement  is still needed by voting one more time.
The final three designs have been refined and finalized by a team of graphic designers.
Voting will open on Flag Day, Thursday, June 14 and continue through Saturday, June 16.
Design #1
This design portrays abstract images of oil derricks and wheat stalks.  The blue stripe represents the Walnut River which was significant to El Dorado's founding.  The design is unique in that it can be hung horizontally or vertically.
Design #2
The symbol is a coztic teocuitlatl, a Spanish symbol for “silver, gold”.  El Dorado is translated from Spanish as “the golden land”.  The symbol represents El Dorado as gold; the people see the city as cherishable and valuable.
·   The flag represents a timeline of El Dorado.  It started as a little farm town but grew from the discovery of oil.  Oil produced by the El Dorado oil field helped the U.S. in WWI.  The oil brought in people, providing jobs, a community and a place to come home to and call home.  The blue and yellow portions work as our past.  The red stripes function as where we are today and the road to tomorrow.
·  The yellow and blue stripes represent our roots/upbringing.  El Dorado blossomed from oil production.  It created a stable environment that continued on until today and will continue on until the future.
• The five red stripes represents the building blocks in our community today that we will carry on to future generations.
1.     Community
2.     Production
3.     Business
4.     Education
5.     Life/Growth

Design #3
The oil frag and flame is the representation of Stapleton #1, the discovery well for the great El Dorado oil field in 1915.  The flame is an aspect of our skyline that every citizen new and old remembers.
The white sun behind the oil derrick represents the famous Kansas sunsets that fill our night skies.
The white line on the horizon represents the rail road that was built in 1877 and the history we have in the railroading industry in Kansas.
The gold “road” to represent the  meaning of our City’s name, “Road of Gold” or “City of Gold”
The two blue triangles next to the gold road represent the two bodies of water that are a part of our history; the Walnut River and the El Dorado Lake.

Three Ways to Vote:
1. IN PERSON at Coutts Museum (110 N. Main)
 Coutts voting hours (Thursday 9a - 5p, Friday 9a - 5p, Saturday 12p-4p)
    See ALL 158 entries on display at the museum!
2. ON-LINE at
 on-line voting opens at 8:00 a.m. Thursday, June 14th and closes at 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, June 16th
3. BY PHONE call 316-322-4427
 phone voting hours (Thursday 8a - 5p and Friday 8a - 5p)
Questions about the vote? Call El Dorado City Hall 316-321-9100.
*Voting is limited to one vote per person.
Once the final results are in, the City Commission will meet to officially adopt the flag.  A flag raising ceremony will be scheduled soon after.  Updates will be shared on the City's website,