Dogs finding homes in Washington

Local non-profit State licensed dog rescue, Heartstrings, continues its work in helping adoptable dogs find safe places to go until their forever families can be found, whether in our foster care or through networking to areas with higher adoption rates and lesser overpopulation issues.
 The organization has an opportunity to save some dogs that are going to be euthanized due to lack of space in rural kill-shelters in Kansas and neighboring states. Approximately 40 to 60 dogs will be taken to safe haven in Washington State.  
Heartstrings has made the trip before with approximately 20 dogs and had great success.  Most of the dogs were adopted to loving homes within the first week.
Because the local group is a small, donation-based rescue group, the largest obstacle in making the trip is coming up with the funds to pay for travel expenses.  Estimates for the transport cost alone will be approximately $1600, and that includes factoring in gas for the 3,200 mile round trip. The vetting required to clear a dog for transport out of state will cost about $50 per dog.
The dogs must be delivered between June 4 - June 6, so the group is desperately trying to secure sponsorships for the dogs, as well as the necessary travel expenses.
Donations of gas gift cards, food, blankets, paper towels, towels, metal bowls/bowl holders, dog antlers (safe chew for transport), treats, dog beds, disposable gloves, potty pads, pet cleaner, leashes and martingale collars (so dogs don’t slip out), and toys that aren’t a choking hazard.
Donations can be sent to: 730 NW 34th St
El Dorado KS 67042
Or send via PayPal as a “friends and family” transaction to: