Fast Track launching in June

Students who want to earn an Associate of Applied Science degree in Interactive, Digital  and  3D Technology can now complete the program and be job-ready in only 24 weeks, thanks to a “Fast Track” delivery method being launched this June at Butler Community College.
The Fast Track method is a highly intensive version of the traditional Interactive, Digital and 3D Technology (ID3D) program Butler has offered for the past six years. The ID3D Fast Track requires the same 60-credit hours and contains the same rigorous course of study as the traditional two-year program, but this program is packed into a 24-week format for students who want to earn the degree in less time.
“We realize here at Butler that sometimes people don't have two years to complete a degree,” said Darryl Runyan, ID3D Department chair and associate professor at Butler, who developed the Fast Track method. “This is designed for people who may be in transition, such as displaced workers and people looking to change careers, as well as newly graduated high school students. In addition, companies need workers now; not in two years, so we recognize the need for faster educational delivery.”
The ID3D Fast Track is the first 24-week degree program Butler has offered and is unique to the area.
“No one else offers anything similar to this,” Runyan said. “We are the only associate degree-centric program (for ID3D) in the area.”
The ID3D program offers students training and experience in the field of game and simulation development. Students will earn industry credentials in Photoshop, 3D Studio Max and Unity Game Engine, and skills in Virtual Reality, Stop Motion Animation, 3D Animation, Video and Audio Production and related areas.  Butler will provide all computers software and other equipment students will need to complete their assignments.
Runyan said the program is designed to give graduates the knowledge needed for jobs such as game designer/developer, animator, 3D concept artist, virtual environment creator, storyboard artist and similar occupations. The demand for these jobs is rapidly increasing, he said, not only in fields such as gaming, but also in the medical, aviation, film, automotive and other industries.  
For the ID3D Fast Track launch, students will begin classes in the summer session that starts June 4 and complete courses in the fall. In coming years, the Fast Track will begin in the spring semester and run through summer and early fall. Because of the shortened timeframe, students will take face-to-face classes eight hours a day. These classes will meet Monday through Friday in the summer session. Some online coursework will be included. While the other two, eight-week sessions will be a bit less intensive, Runyan stressed that the entire ID3D Fast Track is very demanding.
“The Fast Track will require a high level of dedication and commitment,” Runyan said. “Students will need to be highly motivated, ready to work hard and prepared to dedicate time to their classes throughout the 24 weeks.”    
For the Fast Track launch in June, 10 students will be admitted as a cohort, taking all classes together for the full 24 weeks. Runyan said the cohort method helps students feel they are part of a team or learning community that promotes peer engagement and tutoring, resulting in better academic outcomes.
To apply to the ID3D Fast Track, students must first apply for admission to Butler Community College. Once accepted, students then meet with Runyan and other members of the department for a full program overview and to ensure prospective students understand the academic requirements, class sequence and intense nature of the program. Students will then go to their advisors for enrollment.
Financial aid is available for the ID3D Fast Track, Runyan said.
Interested students must apply no later than May 31. Students can apply online at, or visit the Registrar’s Office on the El Dorado Campus at 901 S. Haverhill Road, or the Andover Campus at 1810 N. Andover Road. Advisors are available on both campuses.
For more information, or to begin the enrollment process, contact Darryl Runyan at 316-218-6132 or or visit our web page for Fast Track at or our Interactive, Digital & 3D Technology program at