School receives new equipment first time in 10 years

Parents, staff and PTO members at Augusta’s Robinson Elementary School have been fundraising for a new playground for a number of years.  The equipment at the local school was outdated and not up to safety code.
Annette Athy, a PTO member, was active in research, grant writing, and fundraisers for the project. When she and other PTO members attended an seminar on maximizing youth fitness, presented by PlayCore, a company that combines educational programming with play and recreation products, they became excited about the ways the playground could promote healthy lifestyles.
The project would need to include climbers, balance apparatus, and spinners to offer a well-rounded fitness experience, but funds were a concern.
Play and Park Structures offered a 100 percent matching grant and the school district matched the PTO funds, and a grant from Lowes to create shade for the play space, made the new playground possible.  
The students of Robinson participated in the selection of items for the new site, including the Buddy Bench.
Principal Greg Taylor welcomed the group attending the ceremony and introduced a student representative from each class who shared “What the Playground Means to Me.”
 Kay Shepherd with Playscape thanked the PTO, parents, grandparents, staff, and students.  “This playground demonstrates a commitment to promoting fitness - the kids are more active and the community is using it, as well.  The kids helped with the planning...It’s been a very good experience for everyone,” she continued, “The PTO moms worked so hard and helped make this a national demonstration site.”