City Council formally approves Community Improvement District

Last month the Augusta City Council approved the establishment of a Community Improvement District (CID) in order to provide funding for the expansion of Sugar Shane’s Cafe at 430 State Street.
Mr. Scott is requesting the creation of the district to provide financing associated with the construction of an addition and remodeling to the existing restaurant, including parking lot and other expenses associated with the project. The estimated cost of the project is $290,000.
In that meeting Assistant City Manager Cody Sims explained that the Community Improvement District will provide “pay-as-you-go financing” for qualifying project expenses in the form of an additional 2 percent sales tax for a period of 22 years.  
The authorization of the additional 2 percent CID sales tax will not impact the 2 percent city sales tax already in effect. If Scott defaults on the financial obligations in which the CID proceeds are being used to pay, or if Sugar Shane’s Cafe ceases to exist at any time during the 22-year period, the City will not be responsible for any costs associated with the project.
Establishment of the CID will not result in a financial commitment for the City.
A public hearing was conducted at Monday’s meeting to take input on the creation of a Community Improvement District in the City.
Assistant City Manager Cody Sims told council members that the Main Street Design Committee had approved the site design plan for Sugar Shane’s.
Earnest Seay shared concerns about the City’s role in the establishment of the CID.  City Manager Josh Shaw explained that the State of Kansas approved and enacted the CID Act around 2010 and has been successful in a number of locations.  
CIDs are designed to help improve the community bettering conditions for existing businesses, and attracting new growth.
Mr. Seay was also assured that there was no financial commitment from the city by approving the ordinance and resolution. The city’s existing 2 percent sales tax is not affected in the creation of the Community Improvement District.
Council unanimously approved Ordinance No. 2129 authorizing the creation of a Community Improvement District, and Resolution No 2018-06 approving the developer’s agreement between the City of Augusta and Sugar Lion Properties, LLC for the CID at Sugar Shane’s Cafe.
“Congratulations, Mr. Scott.  I appreciate all you’re doing for downtown,” Mayor Matt Childers said following the approval.
Condemnation and demolition
Council approved a public hearing at 7 p.m. on Monday, May 1, 2018, at City Hall concerning the condemnation and repair of a single-family residential structure located at 435 E. 12th Street.  Also approved was a public hearing at the same time concerning the condemnation and repair or demolition of a detached garage at the same address.
Update on Airport Master Plan
Seeking direction from the governing body, Assistant City Manager Sims presented an update on the airport.
Studies and through a planning process, Runway Length Calculations to determine, based on the type of critical aircraft, appropriate runway lengths.  The runway at the Augusta Municipal Airport should have an interim length of 4,500’ and an ultimate length of 5,500’ with a 75’ width.  
“Currently, the runway is 4,200’ with a 60’ width and it’s deteriorating rapidly,” said Sims.
The information regarding the interim and ultimate runway lengths was submitted to the FAA for approval and, after some discussion between the FAA Kansas planner and the City’s planner, the FAA agreed to the 4,500’ interim length and 5,500’ ultimate length.
Sims pointed out that the FAA isn’t the only airport partner the City has to work with and that staff has worked with both the FAA and the Kansas Department of Transportation, Division of Aviation.   
A number of alternatives were presented, including reconstructing the runway to an interim length of 4,200’, then at some point in the future, the phasing would call for an extensions to 4,500’ and then a final extension to 5,500’.
Council approved, 8-0, the update and directed staff to move forward with next steps in the master plan.
Members of the Airport Advisory Board and City staff will have a meeting with the FAA to further discuss runway length.
Other action
• Approval of electric utility easements at 2101 N. Dearborn needed to support infrastructure enhancements for residential developments.
• Approval of fireworks production contract in the amount of $7,500 with Rainbow Fireworks for the annual Fourth of July fireworks at Augusta City Lake.  The Council had alloted $7,500 for the show in the 2018 Budget.  
• Approval of the City’s support of $600 in prize funding for the annual Adopt-A-Pot program.
• Funding information will be brought back concerning fireworks at Augusta’s 150th Birthday Celebration Sept. 28-29.