Smith Vision Center will move from its current West Central location to a brand new El Dorado office this spring. Construction on the new building, located at 650 W. 6th Ave., started in October last year and is scheduled to be completed by March 30.

Christopher Smith, optometrist and owner of Smith Vision Center, acquired the land for the building in 2016 because his practice has outgrown the space they have right now, which opened in El Dorado in August 2011.

"We have seen more and more patients every year – as well as the people who come back to see us every year," Smith said.

The new office will be about three-and-a-half times bigger than the current Smith Vision Center in El Dorado. It'll have 3,500 square feet above ground and 1,200 below – the basement is a significant addition since the current office doesn't have one. Also, Smith will own the new building instead of renting like he's been doing at the West Central spot.

With a growing business and a bigger facility, Smith is going forward full-steam. He'll be adding an additional employee and more exam rooms due to more customers, and he's going to expand the collection of frames Smith Vision Center offers, too. There will also be new equipment, such as technology to check the back of patients' eyes.

"We want our patients that we're currently seeing to move over with us to our new office. We also want new patients to come see us over there," Smith said.

Vince Haines of Gravity Works Architecture in El Dorado was the architect of the new office, and McCollom Construction of Augusta is building it. Currently, McCollom is working on trim and installing cabinets. There will be a grand opening once Smith and his staff are moved over and settled in, but the date isn't set at the moment. Smith Vision Center has another office in south Wichita as well, which opened four years ago.

Smith graduated from the Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, Tenn. in 2008. He then worked in Wichita from 2008 to 2011 before opening Smith Vision Center in El Dorado. Smith is active in the Kansas Optometric Association and the Wichita Optometric Society.