The El Dorado Police and Fire Departments gave their annual reports at the city commission meeting on Monday, Feb. 5.

Police Chief Curt Zieman gave the police report. It showed that last year had 1,132 total offenses, which is fewer than the 1,492 total offenses in the year 2016. The breakdown of offenses in 2017 is as follows:

Arson: 0 (2 in 2016) Assault: 103 (124 in 2016) Bad checks: 0 (0 in 2016) Bribery: 0 (0 in 2016) Burglary: 18 (44 in 2016) Counterfeiting/forgery: 11 (8 in 2016) Criminal damage: 94 (119 in 2016) Curfew/loitering/vagrancy: 0 (0 in 2016) Disorderly conduct: 18 (23 in 2016) Driving under the influence: 37 (47 in 2016) Drug offense: 97 (161 in 2016) Drunkenness: 3 (8 in 2016) Embezzlement: 0 (1 in 2016) Extortion/blackmail: 1 (0 in 2016) Family offenses, non-violent: 2 (5 in 2016) Fraud: 27 (23 in 2016) Gambling: 0 (0 in 2016) Homicide: 0 (1 in 2016) Kidnapping/abduction: 0 (0 in 2016) Larceny/theft: 279 (345 in 2016) Liquor law violations: 27 (30 in 2016) Motor vehicle theft: 20 (21 in 2016) Pornography/obscenity: 3 (2 in 2016) Peeping tom: 0 (0 in 2016) Prostitution: 0 (0 in 2016) Robbery: 7 (2 in 2016) Runaways: 7 (14 in 2016) Sex offense, force: 13 (18 in 2016) Sex offense, non-force: 3 (4 in 2016) Stolen property: 4 (4 in 2016) Trespassing: 24 (44 in 2016) Weapon law violations: 4 (5 in 2016) All other offenses: 330 (437 in 2016)

"Total number of incidents for the El Dorado Police Department in 2017 – which in includes cases, calls for service, traffic stops, etc. – was 14,024," Zieman said.

There were no fatal traffic accidents for El Dorado last year.

Zieman also informed the board of city commissioners that the police department won the 2016 AAA Platinum Award for Community Traffic Safety, which is the highest award presented by AAA.

"We had a number of Life Saving Awards we gave out last year, too, which is always a good thing when we can save somebody's life," Zieman said.

Fire Chief Joe Haag gave the report for the fire department. He shared that there were 157 fires last year, and fire loss was about one percent of total property value. For 2016, there were 146 total fire calls, which means 2017 showed and increase of 11 fires. Of the 1,382 total alarms last year, the majority – 759 of them – were medical rescue responses.

"Our average response times within the city were five minutes and 28 seconds, our responses within the county were eight minutes and 42 seconds and our responses to mutual aid to surrounding departments that call for help are 11 minutes and 14 seconds. This is an average response of four personnel, which is two personnel from each station," Haag said.

Response times in all three categories – city, county and mutual aid – were lower last year than in 2016 and 2015. Total alarms in 2016 were 1,299, which is 83 fewer than 2017.

Later in the meeting, the board of commissioners renamed the Prairie Trails Golf Course as the Prairie Trails Public Golf Course to separate the course from the country club atmosphere and reinforce the fact that it is a municipal, or public, course.

The board also approved an amendment to a loan from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE). The city received a Kansas Water Pollution Control Revolving Loan from KDHE for El Dorado sewer improvements. After completing the project and realizing some cost savings, the original loan amount was reduced from $1,290,877 to $1,058,908.33. The amendment decreases the city's semi-annual payments from $40,065 to $32,364.70.

Next, the board of commissioners accepted a bid from Key Equipment of St. Louis, Mo. in the amount of $183,278 for the replacement of a commercial roll-off collection vehicle, which collects waste. The refuse department's current one is a 2007 international commercial roll-off collection vehicle with over 153,411 miles and over 11,000 hours – a 675,000-mile equivalent. The truck was budgeted through the equipment replacement plan to be replaced this year. The replacement is a Stellar SL60 mounted on a 2018 Freightliner SD 114 CNG. As this replacement is budgeted, there are sufficient funds available for it.

Then, the board approved a social media policy for the the departments of the City of El Dorado. The intention of the policy is to protect the city from possible lawsuits. It will be on the city’s website, and a blurb will be posted on each of the city's social media sites regarding the policy.

As part of the consent agenda, the board of city commissioners appointed Ross Viner to the Convention and Tourism Committee Board for a term to expire Dec. 31, 2019.