U.S. Senator Jerry Moran holds townhall meeting

United States Senator Jerry Moran’s Listening Tour is appropriately named, as he continues to have conversations with Kansans throughout the state.  The Republican statesman enjoys discussing issues and what’s going on in Washington, D.C.
Moran was in El Dorado yesterday and spoke to a crowed room of constituents at the Civic Center.  
He kicked off the townhall meeting with a statement concerning veterans.
“I am not a veteran, but I do worry and am concerned about the care that our veterans are receiving,” he continued, “If you are a vet or know of a vet who isn’t getting the treatment they need, please let me know.  The Veterans Administration is failing.”
Moran, who is a member of the Veteran’s Committee, advised that efforts to treat veterans closer to home instead of traveling to larger cities, would only help veterans and strengthen community hospitals.
A Vietnam veteran exposed to Agent Orange, in the audience spoke up and advised that the Dole VA Hospital in Wichita provides “good care” for veterans, but expressed his thanks to Moran for being a “champion” for veterans.
“We’re trying to address legislation concerning our veterans who were exposed to toxic agents.  Legislation requires outside studies on your kids and grandkids, as well,” Moran added, “The VA will have a role in treating the kids and grandkids.  The records for the chemical exposure also need to be de-classified.”
The senator was asked why he continues to vote for continuing resolutions (CRs), as in the case of running the government without a budget.
“I’m opposed to CRs...none of its good government.  The Democrats learned last week that shutting down over immigration didn’t work,” Moran responded.
He added that CRs do mean however, that increased spending is less likely to occur.
Conversation touched on transportation issues, raising the gasoline tax, and issues facing older citizens.
“I know that there are some senators who want to get rid of Medicare and Social Security.  I’m a supporter of both,” Moran continued, “I’m from a working class family. I know what life is like when that’s how you survive financially.”
Moran explained that he doesn’t support all of President Trump’s decisions.
“I do agree with removing support from countries that don’t support our policies, however,” he stated.
But in the matter of agriculture, he said, “Walking away from NAFTA is a huge problem for Kansas.  It will cause a world of hurt for airplane manufacturing - and agriculture.  We need more markets, not fewer.”
He continued, “We also need to be very careful in negotiation concerning tariffs.  The Kansas economy is desperate for exports.”
A citizen asked about Russian interference in U.S. elections and the Mueller investigation.
“I have no doubt that Russia is attempting to undermine western democracies and taking every opportunity to make democracies unstable...Every American should be concerned about it...This is real and should be looked as a real threat,” he continued, “The investigation needs to continue.  Suggesting that Mueller be fired won’t bring us together...If there’s misbehavior, then root them out, but don’t make a wholesale attack on the FBI...If you want to have faith in our elections, figure out who is in error, but don’t make a wholesale attack on law enforcement.  It won’t bring us together.”
“I would like to see a stronger Congress.  Our founding fathers knew what they were doing setting everything up.  It’s possible to rein in the Executive Branch,” he continued, “We are not there to solely support a Republican President or a Democrat President.  Let Congress work and let the President do his job.  We can’t simply defer to the  President.  We need an American team.”
- To contact U.S. Senator Jerry Moran, his Washington, D.C. phone number is 202-224-6521, his Wichita office is located at 100 N. Broadway and number is 316-269-9257.