Part 2 of recent Commission meeting

Butler County Director of Public Works Darryl Lutz requested at the recent meeting of the Butler County Commission the purchase of replacement tarps for the landfill tarp cover system. The Butler County Landfill currently uses tarps six days a week to cover the landfill as an alternative daily cover. They use dirt as a cover at least once a week. The tarp system is automated, with two sets of 30-foot-wide tarps and two sets of 40-foot-wide tarps – all 200 feet in length. One set of the 40-foot tarps has deteriorated through normal use and is in need of being replaced, and the second set is still in use but will need to be replaced in the near future.
The county commission approved the purchase of one set of two 40-foot by 100-foot Tarpomatic tarps delivered to the landfill in the amount not to exceed $9,400, which will be paid for out of the landfill fund.
"They should last in a ballpark of three years, and they seem to be lasting that long .... Our last purchase was made in 2015, and those tarps are still holding up," Lutz said.
Lutz followed up with a recommendation to approve an agreement for preliminary engineering work and project survey work related to planned improvements at the intersection of Southwest Butler Road and Southwest 150th Street. The improvement options to be considered are the construction of a traditional four-way intersection with traffic signals or the construction of a roundabout-type intersection.
The board of commissioners approved the agreement for engineering services between Butler County and TranSystems, Inc. of Wichita for preliminary intersection design work, which includes a detailed evaluation and presentation of intersection options and all the required project survey work in the not-to-exceed lump sum amount of $93,720.98.
"Final proposal to the county and everything completed is [within] 60 days, I think. So, they ought to get this turned around pretty quickly," Lutz said.
Fire Chief James Woydziak from Fire District #3 in Rose Hill came before the board of commissioners requesting to finance $139,684 through Community Leasing Partners of Manhattan, Kan. for a three-year term at a rate of 3.77 percent for the purchase of a rescue truck from Maintainer Custom Bodies of Rock Rapids, Iowa. The total price of the truck is $189,684, and the remaining amount will be paid in cash from the special equipment fund. The amount to be financed is built into the fire district's budget and will not have any impact on it.
"This truck will combine the capabilities of two trucks that we have – one that we went ahead and got rid of in October and the other one we would sell on the open market," Woydziak said.
The board of commissioners approved the request from Fire District #3 to finance $139,684 for the purchase. The new rescue truck is expected to be delivered in May or June, and its life expectancy should be about 20 years.
Earlier in Tuesday's meeting, Flinthills Services Executive Director Kathy Walter recommended approving the appointment of Bryan Coons to fill the current term of the District 3 position for the Flinthills Services Board of Directors and the County Developmental Disability Organization (CDDO). The board of directors has an opening due to a previous member vacating his position on the board.
"Kelly Herzet has completed his two sentences with Flinthills, so we have to let him go .... We have a new potential board member: Bryan Coons from El Dorado," Walter said.
The board of commissioners approved Coons' appointment to the board of directors and the CDDO. His term will begin Jan. 25, 2018 and go through January, 2021.
Community Development Director David Alfaro brought a zoning change before the board of commissioners. He explained that John Livengood owns a tract of land located at 12312 NW Parallel St. in El Dorado that is currently zoned AG-40, and he wants to change that zoning to Rural Residential, which would allow him to split the land into five smaller lots and submit a plat for approval. On Jan. 2, the case was presented to the planning commission for consideration and was subsequently denied. Concerns were associated with the lack of maintenance on the road and the impact that additional traffic could have, and several neighbors expressed those same thoughts. The county commission followed the planning commission's recommendation and denied the zoning change.
Lutz and the board of commissioners discussed the proposed vacation of one mile of Northwest Hunter Road in Clifford Township. On Dec. 12, 2017, The county received and accepted a petition requesting the vacation. The segment proposed to be vacated begins at Northwest 180th Street and then goes south for one mile to Northwest 170th Street. The existing road right-of-way is not maintained, and the road is used by vandals and hunters.
A nearby property owner has suggested running a single-wire fence down the middle of existing road right-of-way to distinguish property lines between neighbors for farming purposes. The county would not be responsible for putting up the fence. As Lutz has been unable to obtain a letter of agreement from the township and neighbors for putting up the fence, the board of commissioners tabled the item for another two weeks. He will now seek a recommendation from the township on the issue.
At one point in the meeting, county commissioner Dan Woydziak mentioned that Steve Huckaby is the newly elected mayor of Rose Hill as of a week or so ago.
In other items of business, the board of commissioners reappointed Sylvia Epp to the South Central Kansas Library Board.
Commissioner Woydziak announced that he filed for reelection to the county commission that morning. The primary will be in August and general election in November. Commissioners Mike Wheeler and Jeff Masterson are also up for reelection this year for their county commission seats.
During public comments, El Dorado resident Bill Pyle expressed his gratitude that the "unmuffled engine brakes prohibited" sign placed at Bluestem Road and 30th Street within the past couple months has been effective at preventing non-muffled vehicles, mainly semitrailer trucks, from using their loud engine breaks.