'Fed Up' tour stops in El Dorado on Thursday

Willis "Wink" Hartman will be in El Dorado on Thursday, Feb. 1 for his 105-county "Fed Up" tour. During his visit, Hartman will see the town, visit with supporters, media and the chamber of commerce and make sure to listen to people's concerns.
"I'm visiting every county in the state to hear the real concerns and problems people are having with the government to figure out solutions to these problems people are facing," Hartman said.
Hartman has a five-point plan to change the attitude and direction of Kansas government:
1. Term limits. Establishing term limits could prevent citizen legislators from becoming career politicians.
2. Staff limits. Regulating politicians' staff activity somehow could stop the staff from consistently spending time and energy campaigning for politicians to get them elected.
3. Communication limits. Something should be done to stop politicians from using personal email and phones to avoid accountability.
4. Lobbying limits. Legislators should have to wait at least four years after resigning to become lobbyists.
5. Kansans first. Tax-paid politicians shouldn't be suing a Kansas company for a company in another state.
"I'm not a career politician – I'm a true outsider .... I don't have all the ... special interests that politicians have," Hartman said.
Hartman currently lives near Rose Hill and is fond of Butler County.
"I enjoy living on a farm outside Rose Hill with my wife Libba. I love the way of life we have in Kansas and want to maintain a bright future for my grandchildren, which is one of the many reasons I'm running for governor," he said.
Hartman aspires to bring prosperity to the state if he is elected.
"I would like to see El Dorado, Butler County, and the whole state of Kansas have a brighter future. To accomplish this, we need a CEO mentality in the governorship to turn the state around, and I'm the man for the job," he said.
He's been to over 90 counties in the state so far, with just a few left to visit. It's typical for Hartman to spend two days on the road every week while having eight to 10 weekly events, and he's been at this for 11 months now.
Hartman encourages people to follow his gubernatorial campaign on Facebook, at winkhartman.org or on Twitter. The election will take place Nov. 6.