Community reception on Feb. 3

Our firefighters, police, and EMTs are men and women who are indispensable to maintaining the safety of our communities.
Carlson/Kirby-Morris Funeral Homes wants to raise awareness, support, celebrate, honor and most importantly say “Thank You” to our First Responders and the difficult job they perform every day by putting their lives on the line to protect and enhance our way of life.   
A community appreciation reception will be held from 4-6 p.m., followed by a dinner for the First Responders at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 3, at the 4/H Community Building, 206 Griffith.
The reception will provide the community an opportunity to meet and thank first responders from the El Dorado Police Department and Fire Department, Butler County Sheriff’s Department, all Butler County Emergency Management professionals, EMS, 911 and volunteers, including volunteer  fire departments from Burns, Cassoday, Leon, Rosalia and Towanda.
The dinner program for the first responders will include an address from a Kansas top law enforcement officer.
Brad Yazel, managing partner of Carlson/Kirby Morris, feels it is past time to let the first responders know how much they are appreciated by the community.
 “Probably every family has had the need to have the services of a first responder.  Often they do not even know the name of that person or team, but rely on them for care and services for health or safety reasons,” Yazel commented, giving that explanation for Carlson and Kirby Morris wanting to recognize them.  
He added that many of these individuals and departments are important to the function of their services, and this is a way to say “thanks” to all who serve the El Dorado community.
No reservations are necessary to attend the community reception.