Shoving of teenage ref sends story nationwide

A Wichita police officer is reportedly on unpaid administrative leave after allegedly pushing a teenage female referee during a youth basketball game last Saturday in Augusta.  The story has gone nation-wide.
 The game included fifth and sixth grade players and the officer was off-duty and in the stands.
A video posted on Facebook showed a player injured on the court, and the officer rushing to the player.  The video shows the officer pushing the teenage referee out his way to get to the player.
The Wichita Police Department is not making any comments on the video or identifying the police officer.  They are reviewing the incident to determine if there were any department policy violations.
Major Ray Marbut, acting director of the Augusta Department of Safety advised that the investigation of the incident has been completed and submitted to the county prosecutor, who will be determine if any charges are to be filed.
“We collected witness statements at the scene, obtained the video and it’s all been presented to the prosecutor,” stated Marbut.