Outgoing councilors thanked for service

Outgoing council members Jason Lowery and Ron Reavis were recognized at Tuesday’s Augusta City Council meeting.  It was the last meeting for both men, who expressed gratitude for the opportunity to serve the community.
Reavis represented the Fourth Ward for almost nine years and Lowery represented the First Ward for five years.  Both men were members of various committees and worked diligently on behalf of residents.
Mayor Matt Childers spoke briefly about both men and their dedication to the city.
“Simply stated, they (Reavis and Lowery) are two of the kindest, most decent men I have ever met.
Reavis always had a question, sometimes about seemingly simple things.  But as he has said, “If I have a question, I’m betting someone at home does too.”  And he was right.
Reavis had a knack for sitting quietly, listening to a back-and-forth discussion, a motion and a second, before pointing out the folly of the council’s thought process.  It was hilarious.  We’d all have some meaningful conversation and some great idea and inevitably someone would make a motion to the effect, only to have Reavis ask a question or make a suggestion that literally obliterated the previous discussion...Since then, usually by simply raising his left index finger, Ron went first.  Saving us all a lot of embarrassment.
Nearly five years ago I took Jason Lowery to lunch, the goal of which was to convince him to run for city council..Jason has the uncanny ability to “bring it home” as it were.  While this current council has performed professionally and respectfully and maintained the ability to disagree without being disagreeable, we would occasionally have heated, principled discussions.  Jason, with clear understanding, would typically speak last, succinctly summing up the opposing points-of-view, in a manner that made everyone feel better.  There are few people in the world that possess that skill...Gentlemen, it has been my sincere and distinct pleasure to have served with you both.  I promise your kind and genuine leadership will be missed by all Augustans.”
 New council members David Bates and Eric Birk will be sworn in at a special meeting/work session at 6 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 8, at city hall.  The meeting will also include a review of Pride & Progress projects.
Birk will represent Ward 1 and Bates, Ward Four.