A total of 76 people met for lunch on Wednesday, Dec. 6 at the El Dorado Civic Center to celebrate Christmas with Friends.
The event, hosted by Central Kansas Prison Ministry, started 34 years ago and recognizes over 30 inmates who come to El Dorado every day from Winfield to work in buildings and grounds, the north highway shop and the landfill.
"Annually, the county alone saves about 78,000 dollars in labor just on what you do as volunteers. And as a Butler County taxpayer, I am grateful for that. Labor savings overall is about 500,000 dollars a year in what you donate to this community in time and effort. Those are hard numbers that we can look at that you save the citizens in this county and in the city," Jeff Masterson, Butler County Commissioner, said to the inmates in attendance.
Those who attended the event enjoyed a meal cooked by Red Devil Chefs, Christmas carols and holiday cheer.