Wade Graber's extraordinary work

 Western Kansas farm boy intended to become an accountant, but found himself studying the Bible in college at Sterling, Kan.   God had different plans for Wade Graber and a call to the Christian ministry changed that plan.
For 41 ½ years he served as a church pastor, preaching his first sermon at the age of 18 and beginning his pastorate at 19.
Just over a year ago, God changed the direction of his life, that started with a chance phone call on Sept. 24, 1992. 
Three young men from Liberia, found themselves in a Liberian refugee camp in Ghana because of the civil war in their own country.  They found a directory of churches in the United States in a library.  With a desperation to find help for food and other basic needs, they each took one number and began calling the churches in the United States.
Henry Peabody called First Baptist Church in Arkansas City where Graber was the senior pastor.  After several attempts to reach him, a phone call brought them together in a conversation that would change both their lives. 
Not knowing if they were being scammed, Wade and his wife, Peggy, decided to send a care package to this young man.  That contact grew into a spiritual relationship that has continued through many challenges. 
Peabody had been separated from his family, and lived at the refugee camp, the relationship between the Grabers and Peabody grew into an on-going ministry and a new season of ministry for Graber.
In 1996, Graber traveled to Ghana to meet with Peabody.  In the years to come, that relationship grew, leading Graber to make a trip to Liberia in the midst of a civil war.  Even though he was met with a soldier carrying a machine gun, Graber said he was never fearful.
In the ensuing years, Graber made 12 trips to do evangelistic work in that region and a partnership with Evangelism Explosion, OMS and CEF ministries grew. 
Working with various denominations, a school was formed and other ministries with the Liberian people were formed.
A book that had been on his heart to write came into being and “The Ministry of the Holy Spirit” opened many doors for evangelism in that region and beyond. The first printing was in 2010 and since that time the book has been translated into Hindi, Telugu, Spanish, and is currently being translated into Russian and Swahili.
A tool for pastors and other individuals, this book is reaching thousands of people with the message of God’s love and the power of the Holy Spirit.
Through the trips of ministry and teaching that came about from that chance encounter with Peabody, Wade and Peggy recently returned from a trip to Africa and India, where he has led revivals, workshops, outreaches, and all aspects of Christian ministry. During his travels he has ministered in secret house church meetings, large evangelist gatherings and training for area pastors in that region.
His ministry is still multi-faceted as he serves with OMS as a church multiplication facilitator in Liberia.  He plans to make about three trips a year for ministry there, with Peggy joining him for at least one of those 3 journeys.  
Graber is a Chaplain for TCG Services in downtown El Dorado, where he offers care and encouragement to co-workers, customers, and the community, with a focus on downtown El Dorado.  Each Tuesday morning at 7, he leads a prayer meeting in the TCG conference room that is open to the public.
Peabody is still serving the Lord and continues that Christian relationship and ministry in Africa with Wade’s teaching.  For more information on this ministry, contact Wade Graber at 316-621-0098, or email him at chaplain@tcgfm.com