250 take advantage of First Day Hike

The El Dorado State Park was one of several state parks offering free, guided First Day Hike Programs on New Year’s Day. These hikes provide a means for individuals and families to welcome the coming year in the outdoors, exercising and connecting with nature.
The guided First Day Hikes are led by knowledgeable state park staff and volunteers. The hikes aim to create a fun experience for the whole family.People are invited to savor the beauty of the state park’s natural resources with the comfort of an experienced guide so they may be inspired to take advantage of these local treasures throughout the year.
Jill Johnson, administrative assistant at El Dorado State Park reported that approximately 250 people came out Tuesday in the frigid temperatures to take part in the New Year tradition.
“The turnout was great!  Everyone had a great time, “ Johnson advised.
The El Dorado hikers walked two miles, enjoyed a tour of the lake cabins, and enjoyed hot chocolate.