SBA continues to stay on the cutting edge of technology

As technology continues to advance, so does healthcare and the way in which healthcare is delivered.
In the past, finding the appropriate medication and dosage could take some trial and error, but now with pharmacogenetics finding the correct medicine can be done through a simple cheek swab.
The Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital Laboratory began offering the new testing for Pharmacogenetics in May.
“This new testing will benefit patients who are taking, or considering taking medications for Cardiac, Mental Health and Pain Medications,” said Celestia Seymour, SBA Laboratory Manager.
Pharmacogenetics looks at an individual’s proteins their body makes and how they interact with drugs or metabolize those drugs; affecting how a medication may metabolize with that individual.
For example, Seymour explained, when a person is taking Codeine, they have a gene that changes it into Morphine. The rate of that change can potentially cause the medication to have no affect or may lead to an overdose.
“Numerous drugs are impacted by genes,” Seymour said. “This new personalized medicine is something the hospital has been working toward for several years. In the last several years many health insurance companies have started reimbursing for this testing.
“This testing will help determine the best medications to have the greatest impact on an individual. It saves so much time and the quality of care it can give a patient is huge.”
The pharmacist at Susan B. Allen will be available to help patients and physicians with the Pharmacogenetics report. Currently, these tests are physician ordered.
“We think this is going to be a great tool to provided more individualized quality care for our patients,” said Seymour.
For more information please visit with your doctor or call 316-322-4523 to reach the laboratory.
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