44 years of fun and safety lessons

A 44 year-old tradition kicked off Saturday morning with kids - and a few adults - packing the Augusta Historic Theatre.
Only a few things have changed since the beginning of the Bugs Bunny Club, but the message and fun remain relevant for the kids.
Parents, who also enjoyed visiting the theatre as kids every Saturday morning in March, are now tagging along with their own children to enjoy the prizes, cartoons, music, candy and popcorn.
Along with fun each week, there are important safety tips concerning “Stranger Danger” and what to do in case of fire.
Augusta Safety Officer Danny Strobbe returned as director and emcee of the program. He receives help from others in the Safety Department and Explorer units. Strobbe and others will discuss fire and safety issues each Saturday.
The club will be held again at 10 a.m. on Saturday, March 10, Saturday March 17, and Saturday, March 24.  
The tradition is sponsored by The Friends of Augusta, Augusta Safety Department, USD 402 PTO’s, Walmart, and the Augusta Arts Council.