A celebration of volunteers

Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital (SBAMH) Awesome Auxilians and Volunteers gathered at Trinity United Methodist Church in El Dorado on Thursday, March 28, 2019.  The Volunteer Recognition Luncheon celebrated and honored volunteers and auxiliary members using the theme, ‘We don’t do average, we do AWESOME!’  The event was hosted and served by SBAMH management staff.
The tables welcomed spring with pink, yellow, and aqua tissue paper stuffed in insulated grocery bags, gifts for all attendees.  Karen Hockett, SBAMH Guest Services Manager, welcomed the volunteers and invited them to celebrate their achievements over the past year with an ‘Awesome Cheer’ she taught the crowd.  Mary Maloney, SBAMH Auxiliary President, gave the invocation.  
Karen introduced guests Jim Kirkbride, President and CEO; Chase Locke, Foundation Executive Director; and Mary Maloney, Auxiliary President.  She introduced some special guests:  Linda Staiger, 2019 HAK President; Sally Emerson, HAK District 2 Coordinator; and her friend Nancy Horn.  Karen introduced the SBAMH staff as they began to serve the volunteers.
Karen began her awards presentation by recognizing Past Auxiliary Presidents in attendance with pen/pencil sets.  Sherry Clymer (1982) and Ramona Clanton (2001-02) are still active today.  New auxilians and volunteers were welcomed.  Karen noted that from 2108 and 2019 to date, there are 21 new volunteers and 16 new Auxilians.  The Auxiliary Board members were introduced and gifted with themed clip boards to help them stay organized.  Volunteers of the Year from 2000 to 2018 were introduced and awarded small gifts of appreciation.  
After Karen recognized our past “Volunteers of the Year,” she announced 30 members receiving nominations for Volunteer of the Year.  Jan Farrar was named Volunteer of the Year for 2019.  Hockett described Jan as kind, helpful, outgoing, always smiling, and very sweet.  Other comments from her peers on their ballots included:  “Has a can-do attitude, Is everywhere in the hospital, Always willing to do extra, and A joy to be around!”
Jan joined the volunteer program in August of 2007 and the Auxiliary in 2015 and has served 4810 hours.  She volunteers in three different capacities at the hospital.  
She goes out of her way to give heartfelt caring and kindness to SBA patients and their families.  She is dedicated to SBA and to Volunteering and has been nominated 9 times out of the last 9 years.  Karen called Jan a joy to be around and deserving the title Volunteer of the Year!  Jan received a trophy, a gift bag, and a flower arrangement.  She was pinned by 2018 Volunteer of the Year winner Phyllis Jackson, her sister.  
2018 AUXILIARY HIGHLIGHTS:  Karen Hockett reviewed some awesome highlights of the past year of the 131 Auxilians:
Held 12 Vendor Sales throughout the year and held a Bakeless Bake Sale earning $18,081 for the year.
Hosted an appreciation event in May for 8 Hospital Departments
Held 3 Red Cross Blood Drives.
Ran the Concession Stand for American Cancer Society- Relay for Life
Manned the Volunteer Booth at the Department of Aging Senior Resource Fair and Spring Fling in May
Held a Membership Guest Day Brunch and welcomed 9 new members
Attended the District 2 Hospital Auxiliaries of Kansas Meeting in Pittsburg, Kansas in April and the State Meeting of the Hospital Auxiliaries of Kansas in September in Overland Park, Kansas.  
Gave $3000 in Health Care Field related Scholarships in 2018 with a total of $173,417 scholarships given since 1973.
Donated an awesome amount of $149,549 to benefit various areas in SBAMH including $100,000 to the new SBA Immediate Care Clinic.
Received the Kansas Hospital Association/Hospital Auxiliaries of Kansas Gold Award of Excellence for the 29th year!
Hockett recognized the top 13 volunteers in hours served, each giving over 500 hours of service in 2018:  Lola Ohmes, 500 Hours; Lorena Wiley and Carla McCune, 508 H; Linda Weaver, 521 H; Jan Farrar, 566 H; Joyce Crumrine, 576 H; Phyllis Jackson, 682 H; Darlene Waymire, 750 H; Nancy Hofstetter, 782 H; Helen Terrell, 823 H; Kathi Tullis, 841H; Beverly White, 947 H; Linda Stanford, 1010 H.  She thanked them for their devotion and commitment to SBA.
 Karen next introduced those 90+ years of age who still serve SBA or the Auxiliary.  They were honored with a round of applause and a pen/pencil set for this amazing devotion to volunteering.  These Awesome 90+ Ladies are:  Pauline Burnham, Fern Burton, Margaret Carlisle, Lois Cool, Frances Dickson, Pat Durnil, Alice Fountain, Edith Hughes, Amy Nickels, Louise Prigmore, Thelda Shelton, Ruby Shoemaker, Verda Stoskopf.  They are an awesome and inspiring group.
Hockett continued by highlighting the various programs and volunteer areas of performance at SBAMH.  Nine shuttle drivers have given 61,036 rides to patients in the last 12 years.  Thirty greeters and walkers get people, lab samples, and mail where they need to go.  Surgery waiting room volunteers assist the families of those in surgery.  Other volunteers run blood pressure clinics, work in hospitality, sell and stock in the Gift Shop, run lab specimens for the Cancer Center, and perform various duties in Administration.  The Sewing Saints meet twice a month for sewing, stuffing and creating.  They donate time, talent, and supplies to their many endeavors.  
SBAMH had 5 new youth volunteers this last summer and another who returned for the second summer in a row.  The Youth Program also had 2 college age young ladies who volunteered on the Med/Surge floor as Hospitality Service volunteers.  
2019 Service Award Recipients
Hockett began the Service Awards by recognizing Loreta Mason for 20 years of service and Frances Dickson for 25 years.  
The following volunteers were presented with a pin celebrating their hours of service.
100 Hours:  Suzie Cawthorn, Julie Day, Kenna Dice, Kim Hickman, Beth Koehn, Cynthia Koehn, Elisa Larson, John Simpkins, Kae Vande Berg
500 Hours:  Cindy Biggs, Rita Johnson, Shannon Kirkbride, Cassie Morton, Nancy Smith, Kathi Tullis, Mary Wells
1000 Hours: .Ursula Gartin, Nancy Nelson, Thelda Shelton, Kathi Tullis
2000 Hours: .Mary Maloney, Carla McCune, Lola Ohmes, Beverly White
3000 Hours: .Phyllis Jackson, Linda Stanford
4000 Hours: .Darlene Waymire
5000 Hours:  Joyce Crumrine, Nancy Hofstetter
6000 Hours:  Loreta Mason
8000 Hours:  Helen Terrell

Karen closed with her cheer:  A W E S O M E…Awesome, Awesome, Awesome are We!  She thanked all for celebrating the SBAMH Volunteer Program and Auxiliary.  
She reminded the group of the AWESOME fundraising event Inspirations & Indulgences Extravaganza on Saturday, April 27.  Tickets were available after the luncheon, but may also be purchased as the Hospital Gift Shop, El Dorado SBA Urgent Care, and SBA Immediate Care in Augusta.