Exciting new service rolling out

The Augusta Public Library is rolling out a new homebound outreach service, which will help all library patrons have access to books, even if they can’t visit the library.
Books 2 Home has something for everyone.
Here’s how it works:
You tell the library what you enjoy reading.
A bag of books will be prepared and tailored for you.
Books will be delivered and picked up  once a month.
It’s simple and it’s free! There  are books for all readers - from gun-slinging westerns, mysteries, historical fiction and more.  
Who can use this service?
Books 2 Home is available to patrons within the Augusta USD 402 School District who are not able to get to the library because of physical or medical limitations. This includes those who may be temporarily homebound due to illness or other conditions. You must also have a library card to use the service. If you don’t have a card, we will help you get one.
What is being delivered?
When you signup for the service, you will be asked to answer some questions about your interests, including what genres of books you prefer to read and the format you prefer (audiobooks, large or regular print books).  Books will be selected that match your interests and bring them to you on the second Wednesday of every month.
The Books 2 Home service is only for books and audiobooks – with the exception of bestsellers and rotating books. DVDs and Blu-rays are not available with Books 2 Home.
Are there any fees?
The service is free, but standard library late and damage fees do apply. If books are returned damaged the patron is financially responsible. Any damage on books before they are sent out will be noted.
Call at (316) 775-2681