Artist, album and song of the year

Artist of the year: Kesha

Kesha returned to the music scene with the release of Rainbow. Finally free to be making tunes again, it's a welcome homecoming to her fans. She has a few different stylistic flairs on her new album, which bring out interesting colors from her musical palette. Kesha has been actively touring.

Album of the year: Crooked by Propaganda

Propaganda creates some of the most worthwhile rap and spoken word out there, and Crooked is likely his best yet. Each song brings something new to the table, and there are so many great themes – both musically and lyrically – that the listener is enticed to keep coming back for more. For hip-hop that'll get your head nodding, and maybe even your soul searching, look no further.

Song of the year: "The Joy of Jesus" by Rich Mullins

Constructed from an old demo, three modern CCM artists lend their voices to Mullins' fresh, new single. As a posthumous release, "The Joy of Jesus" both honors the original artist and includes respectful additions to what used to be the demo. It's a simple, wonderful worship song that serves as a reminder of an awesome musician and his awesome God.