Butler Electric Cooperative brings exciting service to the area

Butler Electric Cooperative exists to serve its members, but what makes it unique is that the members are also the owners.  They have a say in decisions concerning products and services.  
During a strategic planning session in 2017  a number of members of the local co-op asked about bringing them broadband internet service.
Dale Short, Butler EC General Manger and CEO, wasn’t surprised by the request. He explained that he was aware of the need that was unmet.
“Rural residents want faster, cheaper and dependable service just like residents in the city.  It’s a necessity - you have to have reliable service,” he added, “Our infrastructure provides the framework to close the digital divide that rural America is experiencing.“
Since the dawn of the internet, rural areas of the U.S. have had less internet access than urban areas. High-speed wired connections are less common, and wireless phone service and signals are weaker than in cities – or absent altogether.
Former Kansas Governor Jeff Colyer signed a bill last year that created a broadband task force tasked with expanding broadband in the state. The task force advised and made recommendations regarding broadband issues and accessibility across Kansas.
Butler EC was among the House and Senate members, representatives from counties, municipalities, phone and telecommunications associations, various carriers, and others that provided input for the task force.
Butler EC announced the launch of their internet company, Velocity, at their 80th Annual Membership Meeting in March 2018.  
 The main tower was constructed at 16502 SW 140th, Rose Hill.  Work continues on providing service to all of their customers.
Short explains that towers stationed every 6 miles provides redundant backbone connections and future usability of the system.   Redundancy is a method for ensuring network availability in case of a network device or path failure and unavailability.    
It’s no surprise that Velocity offers dependably, speed and competitive pricing, with the history of Butler EC’s 80 plus years of dependable service.  And the service is available for non Butler EC members.
“This was a huge project. We’re not trying to duplicate the good service that’s already out there,” Short stated, “We have the ability to provide high speeds at good prices.”
 Customers are singing the praises of Velocity on social media and Butler EC is providing ways for the public to find out more about the service.
An informational meeting was held today at the Douglass High School to share when the service will be available for the city of Douglass and surrounding area.
Butler EC is working to ensure that rural Americans won’t get left behind in the accelerating transition to a global, digital economy, along with improving the quality-of-life for all residents.
Good to know
Internet services include:
Velocity Basic, $64.95 a month with speeds up to 25/3 MBps
Velocity Streaming, $74.95 a month with speeds up to 50/5 MBps
Velocity Plus, $84.95 a month with speeds up to 100/10 MBps
Home Telephone service with unlimited local and long distance, caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, 3-way calling, anonymous call rejection, and more for only $24.95 per month.
Television services, local channels streamed directly to your television is $27.95 a month with over 30 local TV channels to watch with  a Roku device when paired with Velocity high-speed service.  
To find out more about Butler Electric Cooperative and Velocity, visit BECVELOCITY on Facebook,on the web at Velocity.coop, or phone 316 321 9603.