Licensed Therapist Lindsay and husband Brice Sanner have started a family counseling practice in Andover.

Licensed Therapist Lindsay and husband Brice Sanner have started a family counseling practice in Andover.

With about 9 years experience in family counseling in Wichita, Lindsay brings her current client base to Andover, where she hopes to expand.

After graduating from the University of Kansas, Lindsay started as a licensed therapist at South Central Mental Health in El Dorado before working in Wichita. She also was on the Board of Directors for the Child Advocacy Center in Butler County.

Andover Family Counseling offers a wide base of services including individual and family therapy, sexual and physical abuse therapy and registered play therapy.

“My focus is on children and the aging population as well,” Lindsay said.

“Lindsay has a solid client base already,” Brice said. “We’ve had people contact us through ough our website and driving by seeing a new business open up in Andover.”

Co-owner Brice has 10 years experience in banking and is attending Friends University in Wichita to become a licensed therapist. He is finishing his Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. He also an alum of Leadership Butler.

The couple moved to Andover about two years ago and saw a void for mental health services in Western Butler County.

“I feel like Butler County is underserved and Andover is an underserved area for sure,” Lindsay said.

“There’s really not a lot of mental health services in the Andover area,” Brice said. “We loved Andover and we wanted to be able to provide that service. It has always been a dream of Lindsay’s to have a private practice. The idea of working together was exciting.”

Where many people focus on physical health, mental health is an important yet somewhat forgotten aspect to overall health.

“Mental health is often overlooked,” Brice said. “We wanted to provide that service for people here.”

Having her own practice, Lindsay feels like she can better serve her clients now.

“I am able to set my own schedule so I am able to be available to my patients,” Lindsay said. “I set my own case load so the patients I need to see weekly I can now see weekly. I’m able to see them multiple times a week if need. I’m able to be avaliable for them emergency wise.”

Setting her own case load is a big advantage when it comes to individual care.

“When I was with an agency the case loads were so high that was really difficult to do to meet those clients’ needs,” Lindsay said.

Andover Family Counseling is located at 149 S. Andover Road Suite 600, just south of the Kellogg and Andover Road intersection.

The practice opened Thursday with a ribbon cutting by the Andover Chamber of Commerce.

“It’s easy access for Augusta, Rose Hill and Wichita to get to the location,” Brice said. “Lindsay tends to work new clients in quickly.”

The practice takes most all insurances.

For more information visit or call (316) 247-3063.