The concept for Hashtag Handmade, 201 N. Main St. in El Dorado, started at a family function where co-owners Tandi Clark and Kelsey Wade started to brainstorm the new business.

The concept for Hashtag Handmade, 201 N. Main St. in El Dorado, started at a family function where co-owners Tandi Clark and Kelsey Wade started to brainstorm the new business.

Wade is Clark’s daughter. The mother-daughter combo started making handmade items and selling them online.

“Tandi’s always been very crafty and likes to do this kind of thing,” Wade said. “She’s done all sorts of different things in the genre of making things, crafting things, photography. So her and I have a lot in common when it comes to that.”

The business is ‘like mother, like daughter’ in many ways but Wade brings other aspect to the business.

“We found out that we are such great partners because we bring so many different things to the table,” Wade said. “I’m very versed in marketing and business and I do like to do stuffed with my hands. Tandi just knows a lot of stuff when it comes different ways that we can make things.”

Clark’s experience comes from real world application from a young age. Raising children at home helped her to learn knew ways to get things done.

“I was a stay at home mom for six years,” Clark said. “In that time there are certain things that if you them, you make them. I learned to cook at an early age. I learned to sew at an early age. My grandmother taught me how to crochet.”

Hashtag Handmade has a wide variety of personal care products that are more effectively sold in a store-style setting.

“We started online because it’s cheaper than trying to buy a building or rent a building,” Wade said. “When it comes to the kind of things we make it’s something you have to touch, to feel, to smell to get the full experience of it. Otherwise it’s just like, ‘oh, they’re selling soap. I don’t need that. I can buy that at Walmart.’”

The items for sale at Hashtag Handmade are natural and handmade.

“Here we don’t ad preservatives or harsh chemicals or anything,” Wade said. “Everything here is very natural and good for your body. We definitely strive to make things that aren’t going to hurt anybody. They’re not going to break out. Everything here is pretty hypoallergenic. We try to makes things that are good for people in the long run. Once people try our products, they are going to come back.”

Wade and Clark have built a customer base on natural soap converts.

“We’ve got a lot of people who have tried it said, ‘I’ve switched’” Clark said.

One of the featured products is the signature sugar scrub.

“Most everybody knows how to make sugar scrub,” Clark said. “We went one further and made it our own. It’s our signature because it has a soap base in it. It is a homemade soap base. You can’t just run down to the store and buy the soap base we put in it.”

“It’s very moisturizing and it’s exfoliating but at the same time it is very gentle,” Wade said. “You can use it to actually wash with. It’s very much in a league of its own. Everybody who tried it really loves it because it’s so much more gentle.”

Hashtag Handmade also offers lotions, slimes, homemade deodorant, lip scrub, air fresheners, cologne stick, lip balm, body sprays, bug spray and cologne balls.

“We have been using new products in our store pretty much everyday,” Clark said.

The homemade deodorant is also different from what you would buy in a conventional retail store.

“That’s one of our big sellers too because we don’t add the aluminum that most big brands do,” Wade said. “There are studies now that say aluminum can lead to things like breast cancer. We don’t add any of that nastiness in ours and I actually think it works better. Store bought deodorant usually doesn’t work for me, but ours does.”

There are also consignment items such as greeting cards, bows and more.

As of right now, Hashtag Handmade is giving back to the community with every purchase. For every bar of soap purchase from Hashtag Handmade, a bar of soap will be donated to those in need starting in the El Dorado area.

“We start the tally over at the end of the month,” Wade said. “About the 15th of every month is when we will go and donate those soaps. We make how many ever we need then we go donate them. It to either a homeless shelter, the women’s shelter. Some place that is really in need.”

Wade and Clark plans on keeping the donations local to Kansas.

“If we expend all the resources in El Dorado we will move into Wichita.” Clark said. “We will keep it local. We will not go outside the state of Kansas.”

The end goal for hashtag handmade? To become a household name. Wade and Clark want to be a recognizable as Johnson and Johnson.

“It was kind of a pie in the sky idea and we were like, let’s go for it,” Clark said.