ELDO INK owners Dustin and Brandy Avery have added short runs, personal delivery and pride in work to the screen printing market in El Dorado.

When Brandy Avery decided to open up ELDO Ink screen printing company, she incorporated the same values she learned from her grandfather Maynard Church.

Church owned and operated Maynards Wholesale Bait and Tackle for 55 years in and just outside of El Dorado and only went fishing one time a year. He couldn’t take a break because he was too busy serving his customers.

Avery runs her business the same way; with a passion for quality, personal service and to fill whatever role the community needs.

“Customer service is something we really pride ourselves on and trying to focus on our community and their needs,” Avery said. “We really take a lot of pride in that. Their needs come first.”

Before she started her business, she sought the advice of Scott Haines at B Scott Studio in El Dorado.

“He’s helped out with a number of things, Avery said. “The first day I was printing, he stopped what he was doing to come and help me. He doesn’t view this as a competition.”

In the year ELDO Ink has been in business many of the jobs have been rush order or short notice.

“People need something when they call us and they don’t need it today, tomorrow,” Avery said. “They need it three days ago when they thought about and they’re like oh crumb, it’s here.”

Being able to accommodate the needs others turn down or can’t will help to build customer loyalty. El Dorado Public Schools asked ELDO Ink to make shirts for the various schools and departments participating in the El Dorado Homecoming Parade in 2017.

“I had been working for weeks trying to meet these deadlines because everyone wanted their shirts for the parade,” Avery said. “We have two grade schools that it’s their last years, Lincoln and Jefferson ... I looked out there and her e is all their t-shirts.”

Besides making a good shirt is a good way to get your business noticed. Something that really hit Brandy’s husband Dustin Avery at the parade.

“The parade was cool because we were sitting there and as far as we could see for four blocks,” Dustin said. “Every t-shirt on almost every float was one that she had personally made. She had made those all herself.”

“It was a really neat experience to see,” Brandy said. “And wow, talk about walking billboards. It was almost breathtaking for me to see everybody.”

ELDO Ink also had the privilege of printing the Grizzly Greys for the Butler Community College football team. Dustin played offensive line at Butler in 1997 and 1998. He finished his career at Emporia State University. He was part of the 1998 National Championship team. Brandy is also a Butler Alum.

“We both have a strong connection with the college, which has been nice,” Brandy said. “That was exciting because he has his Grizzly Greys that he still wears.”

With summer coming up, ELDO Ink will serve Butler sports camps needs as well.

“We do a lot of the football camp and volleyball camp t-shirts,” Brandy said. “We printed for Butler baseball, basketball camps over the summer.”

The growth of ELDO Ink has come from word of mouth. Brandy used to print t-shirts in her home, but recently began renting the old Iron Horse Concert House.

After converting the space to ELDO Ink purposes, Brandy began operating out of the new location, sometimes working so late her two children find a spot on floor in front of the tv to fall alseep.

“This is awesome,” Brandy said. “We love the vintage, the brick building. It’s been really easy to work in. The flooring is unique and fun. Plus it’s provides us a big enough space to move around and work.”

The location does not have a store front but ELDO Ink makes up for it with personal service.

“It’s almost like a concierge service,” Dustin said. “A lot of times when people come in they know what they want but they don’t know what they want. Brandy knows there’s 20 different types of t-shirts ... She can give them the right product they need and explain to them that this shirt may be 50 cents more but it’s going to be a top shelf shirt. People are going to wear when it’s clean. This other shirt may become a mowing shirt.”

Brandy also delivers the finished product to the business, front door of the customer’s home or even to practice.

For now, ELDO Ink is not really looking to expand their business but to best serve the El Dorado and Butler County communities.

“For now I’m just wanting to maintain and service my customers,” Brandy said. “Obviously there is always a vision for expansion but I really haven’t had to go out and plan all that yet. Honestly, everything is staying very busy. I haven’t had to ask for business. Just in conversation things keep coming in the door.”

For more information or to place an order visit eldoink.com. Also visit on Facebook @ELDOInkPrinting and Twitter @eldo_ink.