El Dorado has a new physical therapy practice. The Spine Extremity Rehabilitation Center, or SERC, opened March 26.

El Dorado has a new physical therapy practice. The Spine Extremity Rehabilitation Center, or SERC, opened March 26.

Having moved to the area because of her husband’s job, SERC Clinic Director Kristi Hall, PT, DPT, CIMT, CFE, brings big city physical therapy experience to Eastern Butler County.

Serving a physical therapist at SERC in Kansas City for 10 years, Hall chose El Dorado after taking a year and a half off.

“Wichita had a lot of physical therapy clinics there,” Hall said. “El Dorado only has the one physical therapy place that’s in the hospital. I thought this would be a good market to try and open up an independent physical therapy venture.”

Hall defined physical therapists as “movement experts.” “Physical therapy kind of looks at the whole body,” Hall said. “Works with muscles, joints, everything from head to toe ... trying to look at the body and find out what’s causing the pain, the injury and fix it.”

When deciding on a place for her practice, the location at 2348 W. Central Ave. Suite B offered many advantages. “Visibility,” she said. “It was a good spot. Everybody knows where the Quik Trip is. It looks nice and is easy to get to. Plenty of parking. There’s a lot of people we see from young to elderly population. The building is easy to get into. Easy to see.”

Hall has a wide array of experience in the field of physical therapy. “I’m certfied in manual therapy,” Hall said. “What that means is that I’m very hands on with my patients. I love trying to figure out whats going on. I like open communication. I’m a good communicator. Our clinic gets people in within 24 hours. So if I get a referral I will get them in. I’m not opposed to same day appointments. I’m here to make it easier for whatever the physicians need and what the community needs.”

With two high schools and a community college that serve the population of the El Dorado community SERC is eager to serve local and college athletes.

“I like working with athletes,” Hall said. “I was an athlete back in high school. I like that. That’s my goal is to reach out to them. If I can help the athletic trainers there. Whatever I can do to assist them too.”

However, SERC takes all physical therapy patients, not just athletes. “I will see anybody from age five and up,” Halls said. “Whether someone sprained their ankle walking, or slipped on ice, or twisted their back. It’s not just athletes, it’s any injury. That what’s great about physical therapy is that it’s never boring.”

SERC will also take workman’s compensation patients. “People that are injured on the job,” Hall said. “I can help with some pre-screening too. I’m also certified in FCEs, functional capacity exams. Helps the physician determine what people can return back to work with.

Hall earned her undergraduate degree and doctorate of physical therapy at Rockhurst University in Kansas City. Having been in the Kansas City metropolitan area for most of her career, Hall is excited to serve in a more rural market. “I grew up in a small community,” Hall said. “I like the close knit communities’ word of mouth. That’s my goal, to get to know the people I take care of. I want that close contact.”

For more information call (316) 452-5033 or visit www.serctherapy.com.