Sudzy Pups is open at 412 Walnut

Whether your dog has rolled in the mud or chased a squirrel through dusty fields, there’s a place where you can wash all of those smelly, dirty worries away.  Augusta now has an automatic dog wash, providing a service that allows dog owners to wash them and dry them in the best conditions.
Local businessman, Kelly Modlin, devised a plan to utilize a vacant business, a former car wash, and after renovations, opened Sudzy Pups Dog Wash at 412 Walnut Street, next door to Sudzy Buds Laundromat.
Modlin credits his wife and daughter for helping with the idea for the business and after researching the price of equipment, he moved ahead with the unique self serve business.
“There are a lot of local citizens who are very happy that the dog wash is here.  I’ve heard lots of positive things,” Modlin said.
Many dog owners find washing their dogs a difficult task, but at Sudzy Pups the owners can bathe their dogs without needing a person to supervise of assist them.  There is a tub with sprayers where owners can suds up their pups.  The price is $5 for 10 minutes. Owners may need to allow for more time for larger dogs.  There is easy access to shampoo, water, conditioner, towels and an air dryer.  
The dog wash is open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week.  The business has continuous video surveillance to ensure customer safety.