Special program April 26

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, Butler County Emergency Management, and the City of Andover will be hosting a special program April 26: Remembrance, Recovery, and Resilience: A Commemoration of the Andover Tornado.
Hosted by St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in Andover, this event will commemorate the 25th anniversary of the “Andover Tornado” which cut a nearly 50-mile swath of damage and claimed numerous lives in Sedgwick County and Butler County.
Doors will be open from 4 to 9 p.m. to allow the public to view memorabilia, watch a special video production and browse displays of artifacts from the tornado. A formal presentation will begin just before 6 p.m. and last until 7:15, and will include thoughts and memories from the following speakers:
Dan Dillon and John Wright, broadcasters who followed the path of the storm for KFDI radio.
Mike Smith, senior vice-president of AccuWeather, who was providing storm coverage for KSN Channel 3.
Jim Schmidt, director of Butler County Emergency Management, who was a first responder to Andover immediately following the tornado.
Chance Hayes, warning coordination meteorologist for the Wichita office of the National Weather Service, who will provide information on severe weather safety.
Attendees will have the opportunity to meet and talk with the presenters, as well as members of the emergency services and volunteer community, both before and after the formal presentation.
This event is open to any interested individuals and there is no cost to attend. Please join them to honor the lost and to celebrate the growth and recovery in the years since this tragic event.